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Bringing out your Higher Self

January 9, 2020

One of the best ways to bring out your Higher Self is in your relationships. The way you respond to those closest to you will determine your level of Happiness.

The apparent contradiction which seems to elude most people is that your Higher Self is not selfish. Focusing totally on the needs of your Self will not bring out your best qualities, nether will inward looking meditation techniques make you happy or self-fulfilled.

This is exemplified in the lyrics of the hit Unbelievable by EMF.

“You burden me with your questions

You’d have me tell no lies

You’re always asking me what its all about, darlin listen to my replies

You say to me I don’t talk enough

But when I do I’m a fool”

Obviously, there is a lack of trust being expressed by the songwriter in his relationship,

but why is being asked questions a burden? Your current partner may be testing your sincerity in the relationship by asking pertinent questions. If your partner is telling you that your responses are foolish, this could be simply the reflection of a desire for a deeper and more meaningful expression of the love you have for each other. Your Higher Self will not get offended by this, but rather than being prickly you will respond in Grace. As a result of not being inwardly self-focused, your Higher Self will not get upset by being called a fool in this context, knowing that your partner is seeking your Love.

The lyrics continue,

“These times I’ve spent, I’ve realized

I’m going to shoot through and leave you”

Reaching this type of conclusion immediately disconnects you from your Higher Self because it is generally based on pure selfishness. Rather than discussing the issues as your partner wants, your Ego says its time to go so as to avoid the discomfort of having to empathize with your partner’s needs. Your Higher Self is energized by Grace, and as such is divinely connected to the Agape kind of Love. Your Higher Self is not dictated to by the selfish demands of your Ego.

The song illustrates this brilliantly,

“The things, you say,

Your purple prose just gives you away,

The things, you say,

Your unbelievable ( what the f…k)

You burden me with your problems

By telling me more about mine”

Your Higher Self is not burdened by listening to other people’s problems because your heart is filled with peace and joy from your Grace connection. If your partner starts telling you about your problems, what are they really wanting from you?

“I’m always so concerned

with the way you say

you’re always upset”

Why is your partner always upset?

“To think of us being one

is more than I ever know”

Do you want to be one with your partner?

“Seemingly lastless, don’t mean you can ask us,

pushing down the relative,

bringing out your Higher Self

Think of the fine times,

pushing down the better few,

instead of bringing out the clues,

to what the world and everything anger to,

brace yourself with the Grace of ease,

I know this world ain’t what it seems,”

The way to bring out your Higher Self is to flow with the waves of Grace. This means making a decision to not get caught up in anger by trying to justify yourself when your partner says something to upset you. Think of the good times that you and your partner have had, and allow the next wave of Grace to take you there again.



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