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EMF Unbelievable Inspiration – You’re so Unbelievable

July 23, 2016

The moment you lose belief in yourself you will begin to react to seemingly innocuous comments from your partner or friends.

The lyrics from You’re Unbelievable by EMF illustrate this,

“You’re always asking what it’s all about

But don’t listen to my replies.”

Maybe your partner is just asking you questions so they can tell you what they think about the situation ?

Could it be that you are actually the one who is not listening to her replies ?

When you lose faith in yourself you begin to see everything through the lens of your own feeling of being deflated. Our lack of Self Esteem leads us to become overly inward focused, and therefore we interpret everything we hear from this egocentric position. Instead of being sensitive to our partners needs, we become trapped in a “it’s all about my own needs” drama. Nobody can satisfy your needs when you do not believe in yourself.

You can start believing in yourself again by not responding to the Negative Cards that people play to try to get you to respond defensively. When somebody is critical of you from now on, don’t spend all night rehearsing the painful words that they said. You can shake it off immediately by Positively Affirming the exact opposite of what has been said to you. If a work colleague says that you are lazy, then you affirm to yourself,

“I am highly productive at work, and I am rising to the Top”

“I am punctual and always complete my tasks on time”

It will be noticeable to others that their spiteful words no longer have any effect upon you, so they will leave you alone and take out their frustrations on somebody else.


You’re Unbelievable

Can I change ?

Can I change my life ?






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