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Bringing out your Higher Self

December 28, 2020

How to connect with your Higher Self

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

One of the best ways to bring out your Higher Self is in your relationships. The way you respond to those closest to you will determine your level of Happiness.

The apparent contradiction which seems to elude most people is that your Higher Self is not selfish. Focusing totally on the needs of your Self will not bring out your best qualities, nether will inward looking meditation techniques make you happy or self-fulfilled.

This is exemplified in the lyrics of the hit Unbelievable by EMF.

“You burden me with your questions

You’d have me tell no lies

You’re always asking me what its all about, darlin listen to my replies

You say to me I don’t talk enough

But when I do I’m a fool”

Obviously, there is a lack of trust being expressed by the songwriter in his relationship,

but why is being asked questions a burden? Your current…

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