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  1. I love being in touch with men of God who has the burden for the ministry. and it is my prayer that through this connection i may get those who will help me doing the work of God here in Kenya in our ministry. we need volunteers who can come that we may have seminars crusade and many other things. at the same time we are still a young ministry and we need also those who can support the work which we are doing for the shake of his stability. Any body whom the Lord could saw him any direction concerning our work just email me and ask you anything you would like to know and i will get back to you. email address of mine is. thank you so much.


  2. Ok Pastor Vincent , thanks for responding, contact me on the message Tab of my Facebook Page


  3. Thank you Pastor Vincent , please contact me on my Facebook Page message Tab .


  4. Anke Lugg-Marechal permalink

    Beautiful words that have been working for 2000 + years! Thank you for sharing. God Bless you all.


  5. Shavanna permalink

    I need help my family is doing evil to me


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