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Your Legal Rights under Spiritual Law -1

March 7, 2020

When we discuss our Legal Rights before the Courts of Heaven it is sometimes stated by Believers that they have trouble understanding these principles that we are explaining.

In fact, the more highly educated the person, there is in some cases more confusion and perplexity about the concept that we have Rights bestowed upon us by Grace in the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God.

Yet those same Politically Correct educated people tend to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of their welfare rights under the legal systems of wherever they live.

Those who have been instructed with the secular foolishness of ‘Cancel Culture’ are able to explain the complicated ‘rights’ that they claim to be Self-entitled to verbatim.

Therefore, we can deduce that the reason that more Religious people do not know about their Legal Rights before the Courts of Heaven is not a lack of mental faculty or of education.

We do not understand what we are entitled to in the New Covenant because we do not realize that we have to claim our Legal Rights to the Gifts of Grace.

This lack of Revelation Knowledge is because many Believers misunderstand the Sovereignty of God.

It is sometimes stated, “Well, if God wants me to overcome these negative emotions, then He will do it for me, because there is nothing I can do about it.

I guess I will be depressed for the rest of my life because it’s ‘Gods Will’.

The New Testament is a revelation of our Legal Rights that we can rightfully claim by Faith before the Throne of Grace, in order to receive those Heavenly Blessings that are also rightfully ours in this life.

In Romans Ch 3:19 AMP it states,

” Now we know that whatever the Law of Moses says, it speaks to those who are under the Law, so that the excuses of every mouth may be silenced from protesting and that all the world may be held accountable to God and subject to his Judgement.”

It is very important for every Believer to understand the Spiritual legal foundation of our Faith.

Whilst we are under Grace and not directly under the Mosaic Law, this does not mean that the Legal System in the Holy Scripture has been done away with, in fact, it points to the fulfillment of the Legal requirements of the Mosaic Law in the New Covenant.

Paul explains that the requirements of the Mosaic Law mean that nobody who has heard it has any form of excuse.

The role of the Mosaic Law is to highlight and pinpoint our failures and weaknesses, but we have a Legal Right in Christ by Grace not to be condemned by this.

We need the Grace of Christ to forgive us for our Sins, and to redeem us so that we become the Righteousness of God in Christ, with no sense of Condemnation or Guilt.

The Legal language of the New Covenant shows us that God our Father has a Legal System in His Commonwealth.

As a result, we have Legal Rights that we must claim as rightfully ours before the Heavenly Throne, these Rights themselves have been Sovereignly Gifted to you by Grace, but you still must exercise your Faith to receive them.

Our Spiritual Enemy does not want you to discover this Secret Wisdom of God.

For example, you have been given the Gift of Right Standing with God, and as such you have been made the Righteousness of God in Christ, you are now a New Creation, your old nature of Sin no longer exists.

Let us compare this with receiving the Gift of Knighthood from the British Monarch.

Picture a male person presenting themselves before the Monarch, and then this person is then Knighted by the King or Queen.

From this point on under British Commonwealth Law, they are legally entitled to be called “Sir” before their name.

But what would happen if that person suddenly stated to the Monarch after being Knighted that they, “didn’t feel like a Sir at all, and that perhaps the Knighthood was a failure.”

What would the Monarch say in response to this person about this?

This is how many Christians have responded to our Heavenly Monarch, our Lord Jesus Christ, towards our Gift of Right Standing with God.

Whether you feel like you have received this Gift of Righteousness or not, should not prevent you from claiming your Legal Right to declare that you are the Righteousness of God in Christ, and that all condemnation and guilt and fear has no place in your life.


This is why the primary goal of the Political Correctness Agenda is the undermining of our Legal System of Justice, especially in the Supreme Court, so that the Mosaic Law foundations of our society would be dissipated.

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Copyright – Craig Holme – 2020/2021/2022/2023

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