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You’re Unbelievable

July 23, 2016

If you are basing how you feel about yourself on what others SAY about you, then you are going to be in for a very bumpy ride. But, if you believe in your own unique qualities and abilities, you will not be swayed by the cutting remarks of others, including whatever your partner may say. However, if you are deeply insecure about your own characteristics then even the slightest jibe from your friends can set you on edge.

In the classic EMF You’re Unbelievable the lyrics reveal how a lack of self-belief can sabotage even the best of relationships.

EMF You’re Unbelievable ” You burden me with your questions

You’d have to tell no lies.”

Why are the questions that your partner is asking you a burden?

If you are thinking that the questions you are being asked are a hassle, you can either blame your partner for being ‘unbelievable’, or check your own level of self-belief.

Could it be that you are over-reacting to some harmless questions?

If you believe in yourself you have a sense of calm in the face of criticism. Your Higher Self is not burdened or discouraged by the silly comments of the people you know.

You have outstanding qualities that can be fully expressed by Positive Affirmations like,

“I can do anything I set my mind to.”

“I am a cheerful and happy person”

But you might be saying that you do not feel this way.

You will find that Positive Affirmations change the way you feel about yourself. Don’t wait to feel great before you say good things regarding your hidden strengths and talents. The Unbelievable person that you really are is about to be shown to the world.

Bringing out your Higher Self

Grace supersedes Karma

You’re so Unbelievable


Can I change ?

Can I change my life ?


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You’re Unbelievable EMF

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