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The Hidden Path to Success – Guilt Free – 4

What Key did Abraham discover to Reveal the Hidden Path to Success?

Paul discusses what Abraham found out in his Epistle to the Romans..

Romans ChV1 AMP

“What the shall we say that ABRAHAM, our forefather humanly speaking, has found?

Has he obtained a favored Standing?”

To the traditional religious mindset, the suggestion would be that he found a set of Prayer Beads, or Candles and Incense, or he repeated Prayer Mantras a certain number of times per day, to obtain this favored status.

The issue is,

‘How do you overcome Guilt and Condemnation from past Sins and mistakes to obtain favor with God.

Sin-Consciousness blocks your entrance to the Pathway to Success.

Abraham was given the answer to Sin-Consciousness by the Grace of God.

Romans Ch 4V2

“For if Abraham was justified, that is acquitted from the guilt of his Sins by works, those things that he did that were good, he has something to boast about, but not before God.”

Obviously then we can see that Abraham did not overcome Guilt and Condemnation by Religious Rituals.

No amount of Prayer Bead Recitals will cure your Sin-Consciousness or Addictions.

Abraham was not acquitted by the Heavenly Court of Justice by lighting Candles or Incense or making Offerings to Idols.

How did Abraham obtain this Favored Guilt-Free Status with God?

Romans Ch4V3

“For what does the Scripture say?

‘Abraham Believed in, Trusted, relied on God, and it was Credited to his Account as Righteousness, Right Living, Right Standing with God”.

If your Bank were to contact you and say,’ thanks for being a loyal Customer, we are going to Credit your Account with $1,000,000″, nobody would stubbornly refuse to access the money.

Here we have Paul clearly explaining God’s Plan for Guilt-Free Living so that you can access the Key to the Path of Success, yet many Believers are rejecting Faith and choosing Ritualistic deception.

To Believe in God as Abraham did, means that you Believe in His Promise.

It does not mean that you have to perfect or have achieved perfection, Abraham made plenty of mistakes in his life.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

The Hidden Path to Success – The Key – 3

The Key to the Hidden Path to Kingdom Success is the same Key that unlocks the Promise to Abraham that Paul explains in the Book of Romans.

Paul’s description of this Key has been completely overlooked by many Believers because it requires a Revelation by Grace of the Abrahamic Type of Faith.

Paul is trying to teach Believers How this Abrahamic Type of Faith works, and How they can use it to inherit the World.

To those steeped in Religious Tradition and Rule Keeping, this type of Faith is incomprehensible because it cannot be seen through the lens of Self Righteousness.

In Romans Ch4 V13 AMP,

“For the Promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be Heir of the World was Not through observing the requirements of the Law”

If this Scripture was used in a modern day context, it would primarily be interpreted as saying,

“For the Promise to Abraham that he would be the Heir of Heaven was not through the Law.”

This is what the vast majority of Believers have been told that it says, but it plainly says that Abraham would be Heir of the World, the nasty place that we all have to live in right now.

Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is what is required to be Born Again and your Salvation, so that you are assured of going to Heaven in the afterlife. But Jesus Prayed in the Lords Prayer ,”Thy Will Be Done On Earth as it is in Heaven”.

So the Abrahamic Type of Faith brings the Kingdom of God to the Fallen World, because it is a World Overcoming Faith that we receive from Jesus by Grace.

The role of the Believer is not to set themselves up as Judge and Jury condemning evil Sinners, but to demonstrate the Kingdom to the world. The Salvation Army do this in a wonderful way, and more Churches should be supporting them.

As a result of the first part of Romans 4:13 being misunderstood, the second part of this Verse is subsequently completely misconstrued.

The Promise to Abraham is readily available – “But through the Righteousness of Faith” Romans 4:13

Some Believers have interpreted this as a kind of Faith that it is primarily about conducting rituals preparing them for the afterlife, and requiring them to have nothing to do with this Sin-Filled World.

The proliferation of Monastic Life before the Rediscovery of Justification by Faith by Martin Luther and other Reformers, and the forbidding of Priests to marry, was a direct result of a lack of understanding of the Faith Key.

No wonder that we have had a ‘holier than thou’ attitude in the Traditional Churches, that Hollywood frequently uses and characterizes to make a total mockery of Ministers and Pastors, portraying them as sanctimonious fools who are pedophiles and only after your money.

If you don’t understand or refuse to Believe that your Faith is a Key that unlocks the Pathway to Kingdom Success in this Life, you will soon succumb to trying to justify yourself to God with Religious Rituals and Rules.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024 –

The Hidden Path to Success – 2

What is the Promise to the Path of Success to Abraham that Paul of Tarsus discusses in his Letter to the Roman Church?

Paul is very clear that the Promise to the Path of Success is for those who have Faith in Christ Jesus our Lord, not just to Abraham.

But there is a proviso in the text which most Unbelieving religious people choose to conveniently ignore.

We must Believe that we are inheriting the World and not just Heaven, as Abraham did.

Those filled with Religious Hypocrisy cannot comprehend this World overcoming Faith.

The hypocrites cannot see the Light over this Path to Success because they have succumbed to the darkness of unbelief.

Did Abraham say to God, “I can only Believe that I’m going to Heaven, as for all this World Overcoming Faith, Fathering a child in my old age, Receiving the Blessing of God for provision in this life, it’s all too much for me”?

Our Lord Jesus Christ requires Believers to exercise their Faith for the Promise to Abraham in this life.

Yet many Unbelieving Religious people adamantly refuse to Believe in the Promise, and become ‘so Heavenly minded they are no earthly good’.

In actuality these sanctimonious bigots are not Heavenly minded at all, for if they were they would be committed to demonstrating the Heavenly presence in their lives, and would not be saying that Jesus has closed the door on Spiritual Gifts.

The Promise is readily available to those who yield to the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Faith to Believe for the Promise comes from the Grace of God by the Holy Spirit, so there is no excuse for the cynicism and skeptical thinking created by Agnostic Theological Professors.

Jesus said to the Apostle Paul when he was facing difficulties and opposition stirred up by the ‘holier than though’ Self-Righteous, “My Grace is sufficient for you”.

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Omega Course – Craig Holme

The Hidden Path to Success – Part 2

The Hidden Path to Success

There is a hidden path to Success that few Believers know about.

If you enjoy Hiking or Bush Walking or going for long walks in the countryside, you will know that it is easy to lose track of the trail. When you are walking on the trail it is plain and obvious, but just move a short distance away from it and the trail can be difficult to see.

So it is with the Hidden Path to Success that Paul reveals in his Letter to the Romans.

Romans Ch 4V13

“For the Promise, that he(Abraham) should be the heir of the world..”

Do we understand what Paul is saying here?

Did Paul say that Abraham was the heir of Heaven?

No, Paul very clearly says that the Promise was for Abraham to be the heir of the world.

Paul was a Jewish Believer, talking about things from the Jewish perspective about Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah.

If you are interpreting Paul’s Teachings in the New Covenant from any other viewpoint, you are off Track, you will not be able to find the Path to Success.

We look at the Scriptures primarily through a Middle Ages influenced lens, where poverty was considered a virtue and was promoted through Monastic living.

Most Jews do not consider Poverty to be a Blessing from God, and neither did Paul in the New Covenant.

To enter the Hidden Path of Success we must have the Abraham type of Faith.

If you really believe that Poverty is a virtue, then why are you working overtime, and why are you aspiring to a better quality of life?

We can see in Romans that the belief in the virtue of poverty is hypocritical nonsense, and that God wants us to Believe in the Promise to inherit the world, just as Abraham understood the Promise.

Romans Ch4V13

“For the promise… was not to Abraham or to his seed through the Law, but through the Righteousness of Faith”

Why did Paul clarify that the Promise was NOT just to Abraham?

This was to stop religious people using the excuse as they do today, that inheriting the World was just for Abraham, whereas we are just interested in “Pie in the Sky in Heaven”.

This is in no way speaking against the Promise of going to Heaven, but is addressing the issue of the Promise from God for the ‘nasty here and now’.

Unbelieving religious people like to put everything off until Heaven, and reject Believing God for the Promise of Provision in this life.

If the Promise is not just for Abraham, who is it for?

The Promise is for those who have Faith in Christ Jesus, to those who Believe that they are inheriting the World.

This is so absolutely clear you would have to get an Agnostic Theological Professor to confuse you about this, to prevent you from understanding this.

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Craig Holme – 2021,2022, 2023, 2024.

How to Encounter Grace

Once you Encounter Grace your whole life changes.

You no longer need Religious Rituals and Meditation Mantras, Drug and Alcohol and Porn dependencies, Mind Games, Marxist Political Ideologies, Cancel Culture, Occult practices, and any other distraction based on a false hope.

The Grace of Jesus gives you a freedom from condemnation and guilt that transcends your Will Power.

Grace gives you the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of How to Win the Game of Life.

Your destiny is now Heaven, but your Life in the nasty here and now is filled with Love, Peace and Joy, so that you can be a Blessing to those around you, including your family and friends and those in need.

Why have more people not Encountered Grace?


The Ego wants you to be right, and to be respected for being Politically Correct, and subsequently gets you into arguments and fights with people you love, just to prove how aware you are of the “evil Patriarchy”.

Your Ego will create excuses in your mind for your addictions, and will tell you that your own Will Power can beat your cravings for booze and dope, when you know that you will cave-in when you feel depressed.

Your Ego will also create Religious and Pseudo-Spiritual roadblocks in your Mind to prevent you from yielding to Grace, pointing out that you already have the best Religious/Spiritual doctrines and ideas, and filling you with fears of becoming too “Christian”.

Your Ego will make your world totally Me-Centered, and will ask “What’s in it for me?” in every connection, which will ultimately sabotage your every attempt to be in a loving and meaningful relationship. This Me-Centered approach ruins your casual conversations, because you are not interested in listening to others viewpoints or opinions or dramas or failings, only the dialogue of your own voice, which leads to people disconnecting from you.

Our Egos want to tell us that we can handle any stresses or anxieties or paranoia, without needing any outside or external help from God or anyone else. This Self-Reliance comes from our need to Believe in ourselves, but our Self Confidence has already been shattered by past mistakes and failures. By saying, “I don’t need God to help me, I can do it myself, it’s not my fault that all my relationships are failures and I can’t find true love, it’s the way my parents brought me up.”

Our Egos want us to Play the Victim and Blame Cards, thinking that this will hopefully gain us sympathy from those around us, when in reality it just leads to further rejection.

Overcoming your Ego by yourself is impossible, and no amount of special diets, or new resolutions, or Hypnotherapy intrusions into your Sub-Conscious Mind can do this.

By the Grace of Jesus you can easily overcome the demands of your Ego, and be filled with the Holy Spirit and Joy.

Jesus said, “My burden is light and easy”, and is not based on spending hours reciting Prayer Beads, endless Special Fasting, Lighting Candles to Images or false Deities, or any other trick from your own Ego.

The Scripture ‘There is NO Condemnation for those in Christ Jesus’, can only be experienced by Grace through Faith.

If you Light 500 Candles and resolve to go on a Special Diet, your Ego will remind you that it is not enough to atone for your Sins.

You can bypass your Ego by yielding your Heart to the Grace of Jesus, and the moment you do this you will be filled with the Love of God, and a peace that passes understanding will envelope you.

Paul said in the Holy Scripture ‘Grace to You and Peace from God our Father, and from His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.’

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

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Paranoid – Nothing Seems to Satisfy

How to Overcome Paranoia and Anxiety

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

The Lyrics of the song ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath perfectly illustrate the internal conflict that many of us battle with Paranoia.

“All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy”.

This can be an incredibly frustrating feeling that leads many to opt out with various illicit drugs, to try to gain some form of mental relief. But the problem with drugs like Marijuana, is that the psychoactive aspect of Cannabis can accentuate any irrational fears that we have in our sub-conscious.

The paranoia fuelled Political Correctness Agenda wants to try to deny this reality, but honest research continues to prove the connection between paranoid delusions and hallucinations with continual Cannabis use.

We include this Article for reference because many Marijuana users often deny the psychotic symptoms caused by excessive use of Cannabis.

But anyone can experience Paranoia, with or without drugs.

If you have the feeling…

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Deep Purple – Pictures of Home – Inspiration

The lyrics of the Deep Purple song ‘Pictures of Home’ from their classic ‘Machine Head’ album contain some poignant insights that can help you through difficult times.

The song begins,

“Somebody’s Shouting

Up at a Mountain,

Only my own voice returns”

On the surface it appears that Ian Gillan’s lyrics reflect the band’s studio paranoia and claustrophobia and anxiety, but we have all wondered whether anyone can hear us when we call out in frustration.

“Nobody’s out there

It’s a deception

When will I ever learn”

If we yield to anxiety and paranoia, it can feel like we are all alone, and that nobody cares, and that believing in Love and Grace is a deception.

But if we choose to yield instead to the Spirit’s gentle leading, we will find a voice that cures our self-alienation.

You are not alone, and even if you feel isolated there is Grace to help you at your point of need.

“I’m alone here

with emptiness eagles and snow

unfriendliness chilling my body”

Sometimes even those closest to us will think that the Game of Life is a battle, and will give you the cold shoulder right when you need some support.

The rejection from your family and friends and associates cannot disconnect you from Grace and Love, but if you respond to the Rejection Card with paranoia you are only hurting yourself.

Apparently at this time the Deep Purple band was under enormous pressure to keep producing amazing hit rock music, and be continuously touring at the same time, which led to some tensions, which are occasionally expressed in the words.

“And Whispering Pictures of Home

Wandering blindly

How can they find me

Maybe they don’t even know

My body is shaking


Ian Gillan’s ability to create lyrics that use a cold mountainous backdrop to illustrate how they were feeling at the time is absolutely masterful, and makes this one of the best Deep Purple songs, despite Ritchie Blackmore’s apparent refusal to Play this incredible hit Live.

Copyright – All Rights Reserved except Deep Purple Song Lyrics – Omega Course

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

How to Win the Game of Life without Fighting.

Most people seem to have the mindset that the only way that they can Win is if someone else loses.

Therefore, if I think this way, I am going to do whatever I can to make you lose.

This is why we have so much infighting in families, and businesses and schools, but it never used to be this severe.

What happened?

We are being indoctrinated with the idea that life is all about “Us Vs Them”, and that those who are better off in our society have got there only by exploiting those less fortunate.

This has led many to believe they are victims of “class warfare”, and rightfully deserve to be compensated because they’ve been exploited by the “evil rich”.

As a result we now have an explosion of those Playing the Victim Card, and falsely expecting that this move will Win for them the Game of Life.

However, Playing the Victim Card guarantees that you will Lose the Game of Life, because it leads you to fight against others, instead of working with them and co-operating for mutual benefit.

We may have been told that Playing the Victim is an easy way out of our financial and social problems, but in reality it will lead to increased emotional turmoil through the inevitable friction with your family and friends.

We need to change the way we see Life from a battleground full of bickering and disputes, to an opportunity to sow peace and harmony through Grace.

Would you like to Win the Game of Life for a change?

Copyright – All Rights Reserved – Omega Course

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024 –

How to Win the Game of Life

Many people are stuck in a repeating Cycle of Playing the Blame Card and the Victim Card, and cannot seem to break free from it, and as a result are losing the Game of Life badly.

In our current “Cancel Culture” popularity, blaming others and society and our families for our current woes, has become a rewarded lifestyle.

No need to accept responsibility for your actions and behaviour, because its all the fault of your schooling or family upbringing or social status.

Paul in his first Letter to Timothy taught the essential Key to Winning the Game of Life.

1 Timothy 6v12

“Fight the Good Fight of Faith”

To stay in the realm of God’s Faith is required to overcome every obstacle. This is very easy to talk about, but not everyone knows how to do it.

There are opposing Spiritual Forces that try to tempt us to move out of the Faith Realm, and into the Feelings emotional state of mind. Sometimes we say this, “I feel depressed and down today, so I don’t want to Pray because I don’t have the Faith.”

Only you can sabotage your own Faith, nobody else can take you out of the Winning Circle of Faith and Grace.

We believe God for the victory in our circumstances, and when we encounter obstacles and reversals of fortune, which we all occasionally do, we call upon the Grace of Jesus to fill us with His overcoming Faith.

To Win the Good Fight of Faith, we first have to acknowledge that we are in a Faith Fight. Some Believers have no idea that they have to Fight to stay in the Faith Realm, and as such are easily drawn into Life’s Dramas where they start Playing the Blame Card and the Victim Card.

The instant that you start Blaming others for your current predicament, you start Losing the Game of Life. In fact, Playing the Blame Card is a guarantee for Losing the Game. You cannot act in Faith, and start Blaming at the same time, it is immediately Game Over and you Lose.

Yielding to the desire to Play the Blame Card and the Victim Card comes from submitting to the wrong spirit. When we are strong in the of Faith of Jesus, the last thing we are wanting to think about is your own Self-Pity.

Self-Pity focuses inwardly on our own failures and weaknesses, whereas Faith looks unto Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to put us over.

You can Win the Faith Fight every time by refusing to yield to Self-Pity, and by permanently removing the options for the Blame Card and Victim Card from your Playing Game.


“I am Playing the Faith Card to Win the Game of Life”

How to Overcome Discouragement through Prayer

When we are going through times of discouragement we can sometimes not feel like Praying because our Faith is low.

We can question God by asking,

“Why did you allow this problem to happen to me?”

At our lowest point the Grace of Jesus Christ is available to us in abundance.

Look unto Jesus Christ the Author and Finisher and Giver of our Faith, and ask for Grace to help you in your time of need.

Tell Jesus about your difficulties and challenges, but ask for His Grace to fill your heart with His Faith.

As you do this you will find that the Grace of Jesus gives you a new confidence to create solutions, no matter how impossible your obstacles may seem.