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Bible Secrets For Success – 1

Secret Wisdom was given to Paul directly by Jesus Christ to Teach and Empower the Church.

This Divine Wisdom was previously hidden from the people of God, but because of the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross at Calvary, Paul was tasked with Teaching Revelation Knowledge to the Body of Christ.

Jesus Christ did not give this important role to the Apostle Peter, although obviously Peter was infused with Divine Wisdom and Power from the Holy Spirit.

We all have Secrets, and Paul wrote in Romans Ch2 V 16 “when God shall judge the Secrets of men.”

In Romans Ch1 V19 Paul discussed that these Revelations from Jesus Christ will upend the Political Correctness nonsense of his era, “I will destroy the Wisdom of the wise”, and is equally applicable today.

Once you receive this Divine Wisdom from Jesus Christ you can no longer be deceived by the Political Correctness Agenda.

The only reason Believers are being deceived today by the Political Correctness Agenda is because they have not been taught Paul’s Divine Revelation from Jesus Christ, and as such are in a state of complete ignorance.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023

Addicted to Love

The Classic Song by Robert Palmer has some very intriguing Lyrics that describe our Addiction to Love.

“Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love”

What causes our fascination with Love?

We all desire Love, but very few seem to be happy with the Love they have, or are unhappy with the lack of Love in their lives.

A quiet desperation is common in those seeking Love, which quite often leads to wrong relationship choices.

Our desire for Love comes from our Heavenly Father. As soon as we realise this everything changes in our lives. We are no longer desperate for an unattainable or elusive Love, which we intuitively know that we have lost.

Our Paradise has been lost and we don’t know how to find it, until we receive Grace from our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Grace of Christ gives us unconditional Love from our Father God.

If you have not experienced this Love, your heart will be continuously dissatisfied with life and your relationships.

To experience this Graceful Love, Ask the Holy Spirit to manifest his presence to you today. Love is an addiction that none of us can escape, so unless you fill that desire for Love with the Holy Spirit, you will be dependent on others for your happiness.

Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will make the Love of Jesus Christ a tangible reality in your life.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023

Secrets your Therapist doesn’t Want You to Know – Limits

Often we are told by Therapists, “Just get over your fears, face them, the fears that you don’t face become your limits”.

The problem with this suggestion is that if it were that easy to overcome our fears, then we would have already done so.

Others suggest to us, “Here take this Magic Pill, then you will have no more problems with fear or depression”

So we try the Magic Elixir, and very disappointingly it doesn’t work for us.

So what is it that your Therapist isn’t telling you?

Some fears are so entrenched in our minds that we cannot break them, no matter how hard we try. Not even the latest hypnosis fad could cure us.

We know that these fears are irrational, we know we shouldn’t be feeling this way, we don’t need to be lectured about it. What we need is a solution to our anxiety that doesn’t involve excessive alcohol consumption.

The solution is a free and easy Gift called Grace. But to receive Grace we have to let go of our Ego’s desire to control everything.

By surrendering to Grace you Overcome your darkest fears, as they suddenly leave you, and you then can feel the clouds lifting off your heart and mind.

Your petty grievances no longer seem like the major drama that you were so upset about.

Who cares what that person said to me?

You realise that you now no longer need those expensive meditation sessions.

Grace has filled your heart with Love and Joy.

Your Fears Limit Your Potential

Grace Gives You Unlimited Capacity for Success,

Regardless of Your Fears.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023

Secrets your Therapist doesn’t Want You to Know – Yes

The Song by Yes – ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’, reveals Secrets that your Therapist does not want you to find out about.

It opens with “Move Yourself, You always live your Life, Never thinking of the future, Prove Yourself, You are the Move you make”

To Move Yourself out of your current situation or state of mind, you have to Stop Playing the Self Pity Card.

It is not up to someone else to Move You out of your current mood, and your Therapist cannot Wave a Magic Wand and do this for you.

The ultimate indulgence of White Privilege is Self Pity. One of the things that I find with New Immigrants is that they don’t have time to feel sorry for themselves, they are too busy building a successful future for themselves and their families.

You are Not a Victim of Society, and you have nobody to Blame but Yourself if you are not realising your Goals and Dreams.

Playing the Victim Card results from indulging in Self Pity.

You can move out of Self Pity very easily by Proving to Yourself that you are Not a Victim.

The Yes Song continues, “Take your Chances, Win or Lose, See Yourself, You are the Steps you take”

Unfortunately some Therapists cannot tell their Clients the truth about the poison of Self Pity, because they fear losing their clients to another Therapist who will fuel their Victim Mentality illusions.

(obviously we are not talking about victims of crime)

If you think that you are so hard done by with your White Privilege Lifestyle, you need to Move Yourself out that mindset very quickly before you Lose the Game of Life.

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Craig Holme- 2021/2022/2023

Secrets your Therapist doesn’t Want You to Know

Some Positivity ‘Experts’ suggest that we should see everything that happens to us as Good, even the Bad Things.

The problem with this attitude is that it creates a passivity towards the Game Of Life. If Bad is Good and Good is Bad, why resist the Bad Things?

This of course is absolutely ridiculous in the extreme. A Positive Attitude will see the Good in the midst of a Bad Situation, discerning the difference between the Good and Bad.

In every Bad circumstance there is always the Seed of Opportunity.

So how do you see the Greater Benefit in the drama or dilemma you are facing?

The Key is to Think outside the Square, and remain open to New Ideas which will create Solutions to your setbacks.

This is a lot easier said than done, and often requires the Services of a Game of Life Coach.

But what you don’t need is a Therapist telling you what you want to hear. Our natural response in times of adversity is to Play the Victim Card, feeling sorry for ourselves, and looking for someone to Play the Sympathy Card.

Some Therapists encourage the Victim Mentality to create a dependence for endless Counselling or other Therapies from the Client.

If you Want to Win the Game of Life it is essential to refuse to Play the Victim. As soon as you take on the mentality of a Victim you will Not be able to see the potential opportunity in your reversal of circumstances.

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Craig Holme- 2021/2022/2023

What is your Destiny?

Failure and Mistakes don’t Disqualify you from your Destiny.

Through Grace you Will accomplish your Dreams.

If you think it’s all up to your willpower to achieve the Success that you desire, it can be very discouraging when you give it your best and still fail.

Some Motivational Gurus will Tell you that you failed through lack of willpower. This just adds salt to your wounds because your Inner Critic starts agreeing with the negative sentiments of a few well meaning Pop Psychologists.

But it can’t be your willpower that let you down because circumstances arose against you that were beyond your control.

These Pop Speakers miss the point completely because they never get out of the Webinar or Classroom or Seminar into the Real World. They make their money by telling you that willpower is everything, but have never experienced the kind of pain that you have.

There is a Higher Power that works for you, that supersedes and overrides the Law of Karma, which is Grace.

Grace Empowers you when you are at your lowest point, And all hope is gone, and you feel like you are ready to give up.

Grace is a Free Gift from our Creator that revitalises your Faith in your Destiny.

The tougher the difficulty that you are facing, the more Grace is available.

Your Destiny is in the hands of Grace.

If your willpower lets you down, you have nothing to be anxious about because Grace will open new doors and carry you over the top.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023

Overcoming Paranoia – Think on these things.

Secret Things to Think About

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

Why does What we think about regularly matter to our Mental Health?

In these stressful times it is absolutely essential to spend some time meditating on positive material. This does not mean that we are recommending repeating Pseudo-Mantras for Meditation over and over again to obtain a stupefied state of mind.

The Song ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath illustrates this,

“People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time

All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy”

The problem is obviously related to what type of adverse things are we thinking about all day long. Unless we deliberately divert our minds attention to positive solutions to our problems, we will be naturally drawn to dwell on our issues and personal dramas. This habit of focusing on potential negative outcomes is what is causing the anxiety that we feel. Of course, to change this mental habit…

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Faith Revives Broken Dreams

Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For.

If your Hope has been crushed by a reversal of fortune, or a setback in your relationships, or health challenges, or dealing with depression, then exercising your Faith will Revitalise your Dreams.

The way some Motivational Literature discusses Success, it would appear that we should not be experiencing any failures if we followed their formulas exactly. Therefore if we Fail it must be because we messed up the Formula Rules.

But the Truth of the Game of Life is that you can do everything exactly right, and something will eventually go wrong inevitably.

We should not condemn or Play the Blame Card on ourselves when we experience difficulties of any kind.

Instead we should look for the Seed of Opportunity in the midst of the problem.

The Problem has been presented to you so that you can gain a new insight out of it, which will propel you to greater accomplishments and awareness that arises from it that will cause you to Win the Game of Life.

It’s not easy when you are stuck in a muddy situation to become solution minded, especially when everyone around you is pointing the finger of accusation at you.

Recently we had some problems with a Customer complaining about a Service of ours, and about our Team delivering that Service. Initially I felt quite downcast about the situation because it shouldn’t have happened. But I decided to think positively about future outcomes that we could achieve that would solve these issues.

As I decided to stay in the realm of Faith, surprisingly the answer to another far more serious tactical issue for that entire business was revealed to me. I realised that if the Customer drama had not taken place, I would not have considered rethinking our ongoing Tactical deployment.

Your current Dramas can lead you into levels of Success that you previously thought were not possible for yourself, your relationships, or your employment or business.

But this is dependent on you staying in Faith, because Faith will bring the Substance of what you are Hoping for into your reality.

If I had decided to give way to discouragement the Answers that I was seeking for would never have been revealed to me.

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Craig Holme- 2021/2022/2023

Encounter Grace – Overcoming Guilty Desire

Overcoming Guilty Desire

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

Encounter Grace Course

Grace overcomes all feelings of guilt and condemnation.

What does the Commandment – Thou Shalt Not Covet, actually mean?

This Commandment is a very Hot Potatoe in today’s Political Correctness influenced culture, and as such few have the courage to discuss it, and those who do so often use it to make people feel guilty. But, we are going to look at it in the light of Grace.

This Commandment is exemplified in Exodus 20:17,

“You shall not covet your neighbour’s house,

You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife,

or his male or female servant, (employee)

his ox or donkey, (vehicle)

or anything that belongs to your neighbour.”

Can you see why nobody dares to discuss this Scripture anymore? This Commandment clashes badly with the current PC enticement to “Free Love”, and “If it feels good, do it”, and “if you desire your friend’s wife then go…

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Faith Overcomes the Blame Card

A Positive Mental Attitude will cause you to rise above the temptation to Play the Blame Card on others.

When I was at High School in a beachside country town I found an unusual source of reading material about politics. This came from Russian ships that docked at our Port for Grains. The Russians gave out free copies of a large selection of Marxist Literature, ranging from Marx/Lenin books, through to copies of speeches made by their current leaders.

I found all of this very interesting, and soon became a Communist. But what I didn’t realise is how unpopular this idea was with the local township, so I decided to keep it all secret.

Reading this material filled me with a hostile disdain for our unjust capitalist society.

Later in my first year of University I studied politics and became completely obsessed with the Marxist delusion. However there developed a nagging sense in me that the deeper I became engrossed with the Political Correctness Agenda, the more bitter and unhappy I became. I could not escape this gloom as I was studying Marxist thought everyday.

I gradually came to the realisation that I had become caught up in a Gigantic and very deceptive Blame Game.

I found A lyric from Paul McCartney/John Lennon’s song Revolution very insightful ,

“If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you’re not going to make it with anyone anyhow”.

At around this time Bob Dylan came out with the masterful Album, “Slow Train Coming.”

As I listened to this album I had the profound realisation that we could determine our own destiny through our own attitude, and that we in Western countries were not ‘Victims of Society who were unjustly oppressed.’

A black cloud of deception was lifted off of me.

The idea of a Positive Mental Attitude was like a foreign language to me at this time, so I decided to start studying some of the prominent authors on this subject like Norman Vincent-Peale, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar and others.

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Craig Holme – 2020/2021/2022/2023