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Spiritual Healing – Emotional Pain

Would you like to be Healed of your Emotional Pain?

Many of us are carrying around emotional wounds from our past, these have resulted from parental conflicts, separations and divorce, family conflicts, business failures, and also a failure to forgive ourselves for past mistakes.

It’s our own personal issues regarding listening to our Inner Critic that tend to be the cause of much of our emotional pain. The Inner Critic wants to point out how you failed to live up to your own standards, and we tend to relive these mistakes over and over again with video replays in our mind.

It is generally a mistake to talk to others about your failures because they may agree with your Inner Critic. Before you discuss the negativity of the Inner Critic with others, it is vital to learn how to disengage from the incessant fault finding of the Inner Critic.

Switching off the Inner Critic requires us to receive the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ by Faith. Without Faith it is impossible to disconnect from the negative dialogue.

Kingdom Culture – Master Key

How do we enter the Kingdom of God?

The Master Key to enter the Kingdom of God is Faith in Jesus Christ. There is No other Way. Our Father God has established that Faith in His Son Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Saviour, is the Only way that you can gain entrance to the Majestic Kingdom of God.

However, some Believers have completely missed the point of The Lords Prayer where Jesus said, “. “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven,”

We have thought of the Kingdom of God as some future place in Heaven that we can access only after we die. Whereas very clearly Jesus is saying that we are to Pray that the Kingdom of God will come on Earth.

This obviously changes everything, but the Religious Hypocrites do not like to have an earthly obligation, so the focus of the Gospel has become predominantly ‘Pie in the Sky’. If we decide to accept and Believe what Jesus is saying about the Kingdom of God, we then understand that the Faith Master Key can unlock all the Blessings of the Kingdom of God in the nasty here and now.

The Master Key of Faith opens the Door to Grace, Love, Peace, Hope and the Holy Spirit. Faith in Jesus empowers you to overcome all opposition, negative emotions, drug Addictions, Gambling issues, Porn Addiction, Sexual Sins, and anything else that is trying to drag you down.

So Why don’t More Christians walk in the Blessings of the Kingdom of God ? The stumbling block for some people is that the Kingdom is Not a Democracy. In many Churches Believers vote Pastors in and out of their roles. If the Pastor says something that contradicts the prevailing Counter Culture brainwashing, then the Congregation can vote the Pastor out. This has caused the demise of many denominations as Pastors become too scared to Speak the Truth for fear of offending someone who will vote against them.

It comes as a major shock to many Believers when they find out that they don’t have Voting Rights in the Kingdom of God. Our task is not to Vote to give our approval or dismissal of Kingdom Legislation which comes from our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to follow the Commands of the King of Kings, by Believing in the Word of God.

By Faith in the Revealed Word you will be able to experience the Full Blessings of the Kingdom. But, if you decide to Vote against any tenet of the Word by refusing to Believe it, the Door to the benefits of that Kingdom Legislation will be Blocked to you. For example, some Believers acknowledge that Jesus has Saved them from Sin, but refuse to believe that Jesus is their Healer and Provider and Righteousness. These Believers have decided to Vote against Healing, Provisions, and Right Standing with God.

The Good News is that our Sovereign Lord is not going to remove any of the Blessings of the Kingdom, just because some Rebellious Saints decide to Vote against them.

We don’t need Voting Rights in the Kingdom of God because our Sovereign Lord has already made all things in the Kingdom perfect for us. The Kingdom Legislation does not need to be improved, it just has to be Believed.

This is Part 2 of our Kingdom Culture Course.

Copyright Reserved – Craig Holme –

Omega Course – 2020/21/22/23 .

New You – Grace Life

Encounter Grace Course – Part 16

Recently I heard someone proclaim in a meeting that was supposed to inspire us to Pray, “ I’m carnal, I’m sold under Sin, the world is going to hell, and there is nothing we can do about it.”

Why do we feel powerless in the face of the onslaught of evil in the earth today?

The Truth is that no matter what kind of problems we are up against, there is always something we can do about it. Jesus said, “ I have come to give you Life, and Life more abundantly.”

Notice Jesus did NOT say, “I have come to give you a religious opiate, so that you can give up on the world, and enjoy a nice traditional ritual in a lovely social club.”

Grace has given you the Gift of Righteousness so that you can Reign in this Life, not just in the hereafter. This means that we are no longer subject to the demands of our Carnal Nature, which is in our body, and not in our Spirit which has been Renewed.

New You – New Life

Encounter Grace Course – Part 14

To really enter into a New Life and escape from the baggage and hinderances of our past, we need something more than counselling.

Recently I was listening to a Guru explain that all we have to do is look inwardly and we will find all the answers we are looking for. But my experience was the opposite of this. I found that the more I looked inwardly during my meditation sessions, the more pronounced by fears and anxieties became. The mantra I was given for inner meditation exercises became an amplifier of my Negative Emotions. I could not shake off an anxiety problem that I had picked up one night experimenting with LSD where my nerves were shattered through a hellish experience.

The more I looked inwardly, the more I realised that I had become separated from the Source of Life, which at that stage I was unsure of what I was looking for. But I had an inward knowledge that I had missed it, I had made mistakes and Sinned, and had fallen short of the Light I was looking for. No amount of Meditation provided the remedy I was looking for, because I inherently knew the answer I was looking for was not within me.

Then I listened to another Spiritual guide who tried to convince me that my problem was that was not connecting to my Subconscious Mind, so I couldn’t activate the Law of Attraction.

At University my Marxist Professors claimed that my problem was societies fault, because we were all being oppressed by Systemic inequality created by Capitalist exploitation. I got caught up in this for a while, until it dawned on me that the Beatles song ‘Revolution’ wasn’t pro-violent uprising at all. The lyric, ‘If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you aren’t going to make it with anyone anyhow’ struck a chord with me when I realised that the politics of envy was not going to solve my inward problems.

Acknowledging that the answers are NOT within you is actually the first step to receiving Grace from our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Grace of Jesus Christ is freely given to us, and makes us Right with God. Sin opens the door to the Curse of Spiritual Death, but Grace redeems us with the Life of God. When you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour there is an exchange of Natures. Your Sinful Nature is exchanged for His Righteous Nature by Grace freely, you don’t merit this by anything you have done.

Sin distorts our whole perception of reality, we end calling what is good as wicked, and what is wicked as good. This is because Sin has opened the Door to the dark cloud of Spiritual Death to come into our Spirit. This leads into all kinds of perversions, rebellious attitudes and behaviour, murder and insanity.

At our very worst the Grace of Jesus is unconditionally available to Redeem us.

The Grace of Jesus is freely available to you to completely redeem your life from Spiritual Death caused by Sin.

New You – Feels Good

Encounter Grace Course – Part 13

You would think that fixing your Self Image issues is a very difficult task if you listen to some Gurus today. But Grace provides a remedy that is easy and light.

So why don’t More people enter into Grace? We don’t experience Grace because we have been taught that Religion is essentially about following a Canonical Rule Book. Do this Religious exercise, repeat this mantra, eat only these foods, light this candle or incense, BUT don’t do that.

However, if we go to University we get told IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT. ‘Don’t be restrained by our oppressive, capitalist, misogynistic, xenophobic society.’ So you try to be Free by rejecting all forms of authority, but in your darkest moments, when you are coming down off the drugs, you see reality in all its harshness. All your friends who are doing the same as you are Severely Depressed, and the only people you know who are genuinely happy without hallucinating on psychedelics are the Christians.

But the Christians that you know aren’t following any Rituals, and wouldn’t know how to recite the Canon, so WHY are they HAPPY? Just thinking about this can have the effect of making you even more angry than you are now, because it just isn’t fair.

You were told by the agnostic Uni Professor that the key to happiness and self fulfilment was to completely separate yourself from the patriarchal System of hierarchy. By doing this, all you’ve been left with is a feeling of fear and loathing.

Yet the Christians worship a paternal God, the Man Jesus Christ, who they claim is the Highest Authority in the Universe. They claim that Jesus Christ is the Only Mediator between God and Mankind. Your life is miserable beyond belief, and you yearn for the Love and Peace that the Christians have.

You can experience the Love of God by receiving the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. By Faith we enter into the wonderful Grace that is given to us freely as a Gift. As soon as you yield your heart and believe that this Grace is available to you, our Lord fills you with an indescribable joy and peace.

You can now accept and love yourself because you have experienced the tangible nature of the Agape, which is our Father Gods Love for you. By Faith we have unconditional access to the wonderful Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

How Faith Works

Encounter Course Part 1 – How Faith Works

Many Believers have no idea of How Faith Works . The idea that Faith is a mystical concept, rather like clouds that come and go.

However, when Jesus and Paul taught on the subject of Faith they were very clear how Believers could use their Faith to receive Blessings from God. We are empowered with Faith by the Grace of Jesus Christ. Faith is available to anyone by Grace, not just to a select few of privileged Saints or enlightened beings or ascended Angels. Faith is a Gift of the Grace of Jesus.

You have unlimited access to the Faith of Jesus Christ that you can use in your everyday life to walk in the Blessings of the Kingdom of God.


New You – Success Keys

Encounter Grace Course Part 12

If you have been Born Again, then in Christ Jesus you are a New Creation, and you have a New Spirit. You are a Tri-Part being, comprised of Spirit, Soul and Body.

Discussion over the Nature of Man has been continuing on for 1,000’s of years, going back to Ancient Greece with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Amongst other things these distinguished philosophers tried to understand and explain the nature of the Soul.

The New Covenant gives a clear understanding of the relationship between the Spirit of Man and the Soul. The Word of God is spoken of as being able to divide the Soul and Spirit. It is essential to understand this distinction if you are going to be able to Renew your Mind with the revealed Word of God.

Sometimes we still carry with us the problems that we may have had before we were Born Again. These emotional issues are due to several different factors.

Firstly, our Mind may not yet be completely Renewed with Revelation of the Word of God, especially the Pauline Epistles. If we don’t know what the Word has to say about Who we are in Christ Jesus, how can we place our Faith in it? We need to exercise our Faith in the Gift of Righteousness that has been given to us by Grace. We have been made Righteous because of the Substitutionary work of Christ at Calvary. Christ became Sin so that we might become the Righteousness of God.

Secondly, we may be holding onto a root of bitterness by refusing to forgive someone who has wronged us in our past. This unforgiving attitude is the cause of many of our emotional grievances. We think that we are justified in holding onto this pain, but in actuality it is distorting the way we see ourselves. We can see ourselves as damaged goods, and feel like we are not able to shake off this perception. However, if we let go of the hurt by releasing the power of forgiveness towards whoever has done us wrong, we are suddenly able to receive the Love of our Father God.

If you are unable to let go of resentment no matter how hard you try, let your heart surrender to the Grace of Jesus. By acknowledging that you cannot forgive the offender but wish to, you can ask for Grace in your time of need. The Grace of Jesus will fill you with the Love of God, and you will find this Agape Love will enable you to forgive.

New You – Leave the baggage behind.

Course Part 11 .

To experience the Blessings of the New Creation in Christ, we need to make a decision to leave the emotional baggage from our former life behind.

Some people find it hard to Receive our Father God’s love because they never experienced love from their own father. Their experience may have been of an absent, very uncaring father figure, and this can distort the perception of the pure Agape Love that know that our Father God has for us.

So we need to go beyond just a theological understanding of Love, to an experience of the Grace of Jesus, which fills our hearts with a tangible presence of Love and Peace.

The Apostle Paul often sent a salutation to Believers in his letters saying, #Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.” Notice Paul didn’t say ,” I want you to acknowledge the abstract concept of Grace.” Rather Paul is saying that he wants the Believers to actually encounter the Grace and Peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

The inference and expectation is that Believers would be able to live above anxiety and stress by walking in Grace and Peace.

New You – Renewed Image

As a Born Again Believer our Spirit is made brand new, we are a New Creation. But we still need to Renew our Minds with the Word of God.

Many Believers do not understand that Renewing our Self Image is an essential part of Renewing our Minds. If you still see yourself as a Drug Addict, Gambler, Thief, Liar, Depressed, Nervous, or any other negative trait, then that is what you are going to act out in your life. We need to allow the Word to change our Inner Image to who God created us to be.

To change our Inner Image requires our willingness to submit to the Grace of Jesus Christ. It is sometimes impossible to erase the programming we have been subjected to from childhood. Your family or friends or Teachers, may have called you a loser, a naughty little devil, not talented, dumb, rebellious, spoilt brat, and endless other put downs. These insults can cause us to view ourselves as a “naughty little devil”, and even after we come to Christ these images are planted in our Soul or Mind.

Psychologist offices are full of Christians trying endlessly to resolve these issues with therapy and drugs, only to be disappointed unless the root cause of the problem is dealt with. The Grace of Jesus will fill your Heart with Love and Faith which empowers you to see yourself in a New Light. This enables you to reject any internal images of failure, and to replace them with positive images of the New You in Christ.

If you don’t Proactively change your Self Image with the Word by Grace, you will still be carrying around the old images by default which will subconsciously sabotage your success. To Renew your Mind declare our loud that you are a New Creation in Christ Jesus, You overcome all problems in the Name of Jesus, No setbacks will defeat you, and any past Sins are covered by the Blood Jesus, Your Heavenly Father Loves you and you have the Power of the Holy Spirit to give you Success wherever you go.

The New You – Overcoming Envy

How can you not be Envious of other people?

A lot of Believers know that they are New Creations in Christ, but few know how to walk in the Blessings of the New Creation. Some stubbornly hold onto the idea that they are still corrupt and very depraved Sinners by Nature.

When Believers are asked, “Are you a New Creation in Christ?”, the answer is usually very confused, “Well yes, but I’m just a Sinner Saved by Grace, a dirty rotten old Sinner by Nature.” When they are then asked,”So the Sin Nature has more power over you than the New Creation in Christ?”, the answers get even more perplexing, “I’m both a Sinner by Nature and a New Creation at the same time.”

What is not being understood here is that we have been created as a Tri-part being. The Scriptures clearly say that we are Spirit, Soul and Body.

Your Spirit is made completely New when you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, and the Holy Spirit confirms this to you. But your Soul, which is your Mind and Emotions, needs to be Renewed with the Word of God. It is absolutely essential to Renew your Mind with the Word, so that what you Believe is in line with your Legal Rights as revealed in the New Covenant. Those who claim that they are Sinners by Nature after they are Born Again do not understand the Price Jesus Christ paid for them at Calvary.

As a New Believer at University studying Politics, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Psychology, it made no sense to me when I heard Christians bragging about their Sin Nature in Bible Studies. I inherently knew that the Price that Jesus paid on the Cross must have dealt with the Sin Nature, because if it didn’t then the whole thing was a religious farce.

Nobody ever had to convince me that the New Creation was a reality because I was experiencing the glorious blessing of my New Spirit in Christ everyday. Even my unbelieving friends knew that something dramatic had changed in my life as I was no longer envious and distrustful, shy and solemn, overly anxious, prone to melancholy, and constantly needing drugs to get high. I immediately changed from needing a daily fix of some kind, mainly because of the depressing content of much of the ‘Politics of Envy’ nonsense that I was studying, to being completely drug free. So I knew those Believers emphasising their Sin Nature’s power over their life, were both misinformed, and missing out on the Grace of the New Creation Blessing.

This is a very serious issue, because what you Believe you attract into your life. To receive the full benefits of the New You in Christ, you must Believe that you are a New Creation. Yes we struggle with the temptation to Sin from the lust of our bodies, but we can and should control this by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Paul clearly explains this in Romans Ch 8 V6 , “The Mind governed by the Flesh is death, but the Mind governed by the Spirit is Life and Peace.” So your Mind or Soul needs to be governed by the Holy Spirit, and not by the lusts of your Body. You would need an agnostic, unbelieving “Professor of Theology” to confuse you over this.

If you Believe in the New You in Christ, you will find that you have no desire to be envious of others. You will be filled with the Grace of Jesus, and will not be deceived by the Politics of Envy, or allow yourself to be dragged down by being jealous of other people’s gifts and blessings. As a New Creation you are Happy and content with yourself, knowing that our Father God loves you and made you the way you are


The New You – 2

The New You

The New You – 3

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