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Can You Change? Inspiration from Radiohead – Creep

One of the most common remarks made by skeptics is that,

“People Never Change!”.

This pessimistic character reference is never made about someone’s positive attributes, only about their negative or dark side.

The sad fact is that in most cases this assessment of not changing is true.

However, on the optimistic side you don’t hear anyone saying,

“She’s a happy and cheerful type, she will never change, once a person is bright and joyful they will never be bad tempered ever again. These carefree people don’t have a bleak day in their entire lives and have no need for any kind of medication or alcohol.”

But just let someone go through a brief bout of depression, and all the cynics are suddenly trained psychiatrists,

“Well, in my highly regarded opinion, once you are depressed you now have a serious medical condition for life, you will never get over it completely because it’s in your DNA. You know they have found that some people are predisposed to depression and there is nothing you can do about it. I heard a celebrity say on social media that they can only deal with their despair through lots of booze and coke, because the restlessness is part of who they really are. More people should show this kind of celeb honesty and reveal their weltschmerz or melancholy nature, and admit that they are hopeless addicts.”

It’s almost is if the idea now that You Can Change is forbidden or denigrated.

Just say that You Want To Change, and you will hear endless excuses and reasons why you can’t Change from well meaning Counsellors.

Why are there so many people who don’t want you to Change, and so few who will actually help you?

“Just accept who you are”,

“Why do you want to change?”,

“Don’t get your hopes up, I tried to change but I finally had to admit that I was powerless in the face of my Gambling Addiction.”

Radiohead’s Song ‘Creep’ describes the situation brilliantly,

“When you were here before,

Couldn’t look you in the eye,

You’re just like an Angel,

Your skin makes me cry”

The reason you couldn’t look her in the eye is because you were focusing inwardly on your own inadequacies,

instead of thinking about her needs,

So firstly, ask yourself ‘What are her needs?’.

By doing this you immediately bring yourself out of fixating on your Self.

Secondly, You were comparing your weaknesses to her seeming perfection,

making this comparison made you even more paranoid,

so think about your good points and believe in yourself,

and suddenly you will be able to compliment her without feeling bad about your Self.

The Radiohead Song Creep continues,

“You float like a feather,

In a beautiful world,

I wish I was special,

You’re so special”

What you are really saying is that you are envious of her lovely demeanor

because you really feel bad about yourself.

So if you could learn a technique to change the way you feel about your Self,

anywhere and anytime without illicit drugs or alcohol,

then you could also therefore feel great about her?

‘Creep’ continues,

“But I’m a creep

I’m a weirdo,

What the hell am I doin here?,

I don’t belong here”

Each of us have an Inner Critic that is constantly pointing out our flaws to ourselves,

but you can switch it off,

not by suppressing it,

not by drowning it at the pub, nobody told you that illicit drugs only make it worse,

not by idolizing movie stars,

But by Switching On your Belief Button.

Your Belief Button empowers you to Believe in Your Self,

but only You can Switch it on,

and if you don’t you will keep thinking that you’re a creep and weird,

and she will run away from you.

To keep your Belief Button switched on,

make Positive Affirmations about yourself everyday.

Copyright – Craig Holme – Omega Course

All International Rights Reserved – 2021/2022/2023/2024

Somebody knows how hard You Try

Is there Someone who knows how hard you try?

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

It sometimes feels like that ‘Nobody knows how hard you try’, especially when family or friends or your partner show a lack of appreciation for the effort that you put in.

It can be even worse when workmates try to take credit for your creative ideas or work or project management, and then try to proactively denigrate whatever your role has been to superiors.

You can choose to either ‘Sing the Blues’ about your current situation, or what is worse, to Play the Revenge Card and to angrily seek retribution.

As soon as you know that there is Someone taking an Account of your situation, your perspective on everything changes.

Some people lose their Faith in the Creator because they ask ‘Why do bad things happen to good people like me?’, and they think that if God was in control this negative circumstance would not have occurred.

However, when we…

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Grace Vs Spiritual Law – Relationship

Those who believe that they are trying to please God by obeying Spiritual Laws, have not received a full Revelation of Grace.

Your heart searches for a Way to Please God by attempting to follow a Religious Rule Book, until you Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Someone says, “I please God because I Pray two times per day, everyday without fail”.

Then a well meaning friend responds, “That’s not good enough, I Pray three times per day, because my spiritual leader has told me that unless you Pray and Meditate three times you are missing the mark”.

A very sincere religious person then interrupts, “Neither of you are anywhere near pious enough, I Pray and Meditate four times per day using my Prayer Beads, and I light three Candles with Incense Stick offerings, plus I strictly observe one day per Week as a Holy Day with fasting rituals. I aim to try to fulfill the Spiritual Law, whilst you both are just playing Religious Games.”

The Truth is that it doesn’t matter how many times you are reciting a ritual formula, what matters is whether you are in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior by Grace.

If you think that Praying a certain number of times per day is what pleases God, you will always have a nagging sense of condemnation from your own inner critic telling you that your prayers were not quite good enough.

The Peace of God’s Grace comes into your Heart by your Relationship with Jesus and not by Rituals.

Some genuine religious people have fallen into the trap of believing that their particular liturgy is what saves them, saying, “Our Catechism has clearly set out the liturgical principles, and that’s why I observe a certain day of the week as holy and why I abstain from certain foods, this is how I please God.”

If you are thinking this way, how is it working out for you in your life?

Is your heart filled with the Grace and Peace of Jesus, or do you need to light another Candle to appease your anxiety?

Paul explains the Way of Peace in Romans Ch 3 V19,

“Now we know that whatever the Spiritual Law says, it speaks to those who are UNDER the Spiritual Law, so that the excuses of every mouth may be silenced from protesting, and all the world may be held accountable to God and subject to His Judgement.’

The purpose of the Spiritual Law is to show us where we have missed it and why we need Grace, and it is not to be used as a point scoring exercise whereby we can show that we are better than everyone else through a ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

Paul could not be any clearer in Romans Ch3 V20,

“For no person will be justified, freed of guilt and declared righteous in his sight, by trying to Do The Works of the Spiritual Law.”

Copyright – Craig Holme – Omega Course

All Rights Reserved – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

I’m Down, How Do I Get Back Up?

Are you saying to yourself, “I feel like I’ve been down for so long now, I don’t think I can get back up” ?

Bouncing Back from failure and setbacks is easier said than done.

Once you have failed in an area of your life, perhaps in marriage or business or anything else, your mind retains an emotional memory of the mistakes that you made.

To avoid the Pain of these memories, we tend to try to avoid similar situations in the future.

If you’ve been separated and you want to have a successful new relationship, would you like to have these uncomfortable memories healed?

The healing of your memories starts with releasing the power of forgiveness towards those who have done you wrong.

But, why do so few people truly forgive their ex partner or anyone else that they have conflicted with?

Why do we say that we have forgiven a person, but still hold onto secret bitterness towards them?

It’s because the emotionally charged memories are still very real and present, and we are reliving past events in our minds over and over again.

How do we receive Healing for these traumatic memories?

Some well meaning Professionals will say to you , “Just forget them”.

If it was that easy, everyone would just forget them, and we wouldn’t have the huge numbers of stress disorders and phobias that we see today.

Someone Quoting what Sigmund Freud said about phobias did not help you, it only made you feel more confused and guilty.

Someone else saying, “Science understands why you feel like you do, here take this pill, it will make you feel better”, didn’t help you either.

You don’t want drugs, you want a solution to your internal dilemma, because you don’t want to carry this baggage into your next relationship.

Then a ‘Meditation Teacher’ says , “Try my meditation classes’, but then you find out he has never had a successful relationship and is constantly whining about his ex’s.

Another Professional says to you, “It’s all a matter of your willpower, don’t be so weak.”

If you were feeling down before, did this has made you feel far worse?

Have all these ‘experts’ have left you feeling distraught, and that there must be a Better Way ?

To receive the healing of your memories, we have to acknowledge that we have come to the end of ourselves, and that we need the help of the Grace of God.

As you yield your heart to the Grace of Jesus Christ, you will find the Peace and Love that you are looking for.

The Love of Jesus extinguishes your trauma by His Grace, and not by your efforts.

Paul discusses this in Romans Ch1 V7 AMP,

“Grace to You and Peace, inner calm and spiritual well being, from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ”.

If you have trouble seeing God as a Father figure, because your own father was less than perfect, then you can Receive the Grace of Jesus to heal that relationship painful memory also.

You don’t have to fix your memories before you can receive Grace, because we don’t have to qualify for Grace, as it is a Free Gift from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Copyright – Craig Holme – Omega Course

All Rights Reserved – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

Do you want to be Happy?

Most of us think that happiness is fleeting, that we can feel happy on Sunday and then depressed because we have to go back to work on Monday.

So our happiness becomes dependent on our external circumstances, and for those of us with the ‘work blues’, this means just being happy on the weekend.

The Professors of Political Correctness openly mock Christianity as a boring Religious Rulebook full of drudgery, because it makes people desperately unhappy.

They proclaim that the Church forces people to act contrary to human nature by following the Mosaic Law, whilst at the same time some of these disingenuous Political Orthodoxy Lecturers who are Trained how to close your mind to spiritual ideas, are secretly addicted to anti-depressants and alcohol because they are trying to hide their deep depression and unresolved anxiety.

If your Religion or Spirituality is based on a set of strict rules then it will not be a source of joy to you, so in this context the Cancel Culture Thought Police are doing us a favor by ridiculing Spiritual Legalism.

If you want Sunshine in Your Heart, as spoken of by the great Charles Spurgeon, you need a Belief System where the source is Grace, and not Prayer Beads or Incense Rituals or Special Foods or Magic Incantations or Lighting Candles.

We are Happy because we have Received the Grace of Jesus, so we can be joyful in even the most difficult of circumstances.

Paul stated in Romans Ch 5V1 AMP

“Therefore since we have been Justified by Faith, that is acquitted of Sin, declared Blameless before God”

To be declared Blameless means that you are now Free of all Guilt, and can now enjoy your life without the negative emotions that were previously ‘dragging you down’.

The Religious Rule Book attitude cannot understand the reality that they are Justified by Faith, and seeks to add veneration of a certain day as holier than others, strict dietary requirements, Offerings to Idols, and other bondages.

Why not celebrate and rejoice over your Blameless Declaration and Stop Condemning yourself?

You are Declared Blameless and Not Guilty before God by the Grace of Jesus, and just because you have been told to feel like an Unworthy Sinner all the time doesn’t change this Truth about Who You are in Christ.

Paul continues Romans Ch5V1 AMP,

“Let us grasp the fact that we have Peace with God, and Joy of Reconciliation with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ, who is The Messiah, the Anointed.”

Why is it so hard for some Religious people to find this Peaceful and Joyful Pathway to Success?

They are not receiving the Blameless Declaration by Faith, but are trying to Earn it through “Frequent Flyer Points’ in their Religious Rulebook.

Notice that Paul did not say,

‘BUT, We have Peace with God only when we are following the Spiritual Rules to the letter, and after we have eaten a perfect diet, and attended the correct Rituals several times per day, and even then you cannot be sure because you’ve probably made mistakes.’

Paul also did NOT SAY,

‘BUT, Don’t get your hopes up because you can only experience this Peace when everything is going your way, because if you are experiencing difficulty you have probably Sinned’,

Neither did Paul say,

‘BUT, This Peace is only available to those of you who are perfectly following the Cancel Culture Agenda, you have to watch what you saying to make sure you are Politically Correct’.

You can Rejoice and be Happy unconditionally by Grace because you have been Declared Blameless in Christ Jesus.

Copyright – Craig Holme – All Rights Reserved

Omega Course – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

How to Encounter Grace

Your Legal Rights under Spiritual Law -1

Your Legal Rights under the New Covenant of Grace.

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

When we discuss our Legal Rights before the Courts of Heaven it is sometimes stated by Believers that they have trouble understanding these principles that we are explaining.

In fact, the more highly educated the person there is in some cases more confusion and perplexity by the concept that we have Rights bestowed upon us by Grace in the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God.

Yet those same Politically Correct educated people tend to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of their welfare rights under the legal systems of wherever they live.

Those who have been instructed with the secular foolishness of ‘Cancel Culture’ are able to explain the complicated ‘rights’ that they claim to be Self-entitled to verbatim.

Therefore, we can deduce that the reason that more Religious people do not know about their Legal Rights before the Courts of Heaven is not a lack of mental faculty or of…

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Your Legal Rights under Spiritual Law -2

What are Your Legal Rights under Spiritual Law?

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

In Romans Ch 3:20 Paul states,

“For no person will be justified, freed of guilt and declared Righteous in His sight by trying to do the Works of the Law.

For through the Moral Law we become conscious of Sin, and the recognition of Sin directs us towards repentance, but provides no remedy for Sin.”

The Secret Wisdom that Paul is revealing here explains how to be freed from Guilt.

Yet throughout the world the Psychologist and Psychiatrist Offices are filled with all kinds of Christians and other religious people grappling with guilt and related issues.

Paul makes it very clear that the knowledge of Sin becomes apparent to us through the Mosaic Law.

We had no idea that we needed to repent from Sin until we heard the precepts of the Mosaic Law.

But then after hearing the Mosaic Law, we are confronted with an even bigger problem, unresolved…

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Do You Want To Be Guilt Free?

Do you want to be Free of Guilt or do you want to go on pretending?

The Psychiatrist and Psychologist’s Offices are full of people trying to resolve all kinds of Guilt related issues.

Religious and Non-Religious people all seem to be suffering from the same Guilt complexes.

Some think that giving up their religion will somehow magically absolve them of all their hidden and unresolved fears and anxieties, only to find themselves going ‘Full Circle’ back to the place of despair from which they are trying to escape.

Religious Ritualism or Spiritual Mysticism cannot cure your Guilt Malady unless it deals with the core issue causing the problem.

The Apostle Paul explained this in Romans Ch 4 V15 AMP,

“For the (Religious) Law results in God’s wrath against Sin, but where there is no (Religious) Law, there is NO violation of it either.”

Here Paul makes an absolutely remarkable statement which explains why some people think that abandoning their religion is their escape clause for Sin related Guilt.

It doesn’t work because once you are exposed to the Moral Law there is no going back.

No amount of Cancel Culture indoctrination can get you to deny that Murdering, Stealing, and Lying is wrong.

But, Sin doesn’t have to be something obviously wrong even to the Political Correctness Thought Police, it can be desiring someone else’s wife or husband.

Why do Many Guilt Complexes spring from hidden Sins?

Paul discusses the solution in the next Verse, Romans ChV16 AMP,

“Therefore inheriting the Promise depends entirely on Faith, that is confident trust in the unseen God…”

What Promise?

This Promise comes from God our Creator who gave Moses the Ten Commandments, includes the ability to live a life Free of Guilt and filled with Grace and Inner Peace.

How do we Receive this Promise?

By Faith, we Believe that we have received the Righteous Nature of Christ in exchange for our Sinful Nature, by the Grace of God.

This is where some people hit a stumbling block, they just can’t Believe it even if they want to because the feelings of Anxiety, Fear, and the resulting Shame have too powerful a grip over their minds.

Paul has the answer to this in Romans Ch4V16 cont,

” In order that it may be given as an act of Grace, His unmerited favor and Mercy” .

You can’t beat Guilt by mentally playing denial games, but you can overcome its power with ease by receiving Grace from Jesus Christ.

Grace fills your heart with Love and Peace which immediately expels all negative emotions, especially Guilt and Fear.

This is why there is so much misunderstanding of Grace.

Grace is Not an excuse to continue in Sin, but the foundation of the Power of the Holy Spirit to overcome all Sin and to receive the Promise of Right Standing with God through Faith in Jesus Christ.

You are Guilt Free in Christ Jesus.

Copyright – Craig Holme – All Rights Reserved

Omega Course – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

Somebody knows how hard You Try

It sometimes feels like that ‘Nobody knows how hard you try’, especially when family or friends or your partner show a lack of appreciation for the effort that you put in.

It can be even worse when workmates try to take credit for your creative ideas or work or project management, and then try to proactively denigrate whatever your role has been to superiors.

You can choose to either ‘Sing the Blues’ about your current situation, or what is worse, to Play the Revenge Card and to angrily seek retribution.

As soon as you know that there is Someone taking an Account of your situation, your perspective on everything changes.

Some people lose their Faith in the Creator because they ask ‘Why do bad things happen to good people like me?’, and they think that if God was in control this negative circumstance would not have occurred.

However, when we open our hearts to the Grace of Jesus we suddenly find that we are able to forgive those who have offended us.

Through Grace we can now Change Things, because we realize that the Grace of Jesus is sufficient for us, not just to Play Religious Games, but to overcome the Trials of this life.

Some people do use Religion as an escape clause from their responsibilities in the nasty here and now.

Maybe it was a Religious person or even a Priest that hurt you.

How is Blaming God for that person’s actions going to help you?

I meet people all the time who tell me things like this, “I can’t have Faith in God because my relative is a total Religious Hypocrite”.

My response intrigues them, “Maybe they don’t know Grace, just Religious Rules and Formulas?”

Most people seem to be aware of this but don’t understand it, and say something like this, “Yeah that’s right, he just keeps quoting stuff from his Rule Book that makes no sense to me.”

Why would we want to Close the Door to Grace in our life just because someone else is missing out?

A Religious person can follow all kinds of Spiritual Rules, Rituals, Ascetic Practices, Meditation, Strict Dietary Habits, Prayer Beads, Candle Lighting and Incense Offerings, and not know and experience the Grace of Jesus.

You access Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ, and You Can Do All Things Through Christ.

Somebody is Jesus, who cares for you, and if you open your heart to His Grace you will overcome whatever problem you are facing right now.

Copyright – Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024/

All International Rights Reserved – Omega Course –

The Hidden Path to Success – Victim or Victor – 5

How you see yourself will determine whether you can find the Key to the Path of Success.

Do you feel like you are a Victim of Society or Culture, or any other other Circumstances that you may be facing?

Playing the Victim Card will automatically slam the Gate shut to the Success Pathway in your face.

You will find yourself locked out of what you desire.

You cannot expect to access the Promise and Play the Victim Card.

In your Workplace you may be experiencing some form of unfair treatment from a Boss or Manager or Colleague.

Most people subsequently react very badly in anger to this type of treatment, and tell everyone who will listen their woes, which seems to escalate the situation and make things worse.

Those who react in this way fail to realize that they are actually ‘fueling the fire’ by rewarding the work colleague for their negative behaviour or Life Card.

If we change the way we see Life from a Battlefield to a Game, we will clearly understand How to Win the Game of Life by Playing the Right Life Cards.

Playing the Victim Card in a Workplace will generally result in others perceiving your weaknesses, and will result in others taking the side of the person who is giving you a hard time, which is the opposite of what you want. Of course, we are not discussing extreme cases of abuse here, just normal and everyday interactions between people at work, families or friends.

Most of these type of undermining behaviours start with someone Playing the Jealousy Card to you. They are envious of something you have or are currently doing. So they devise a plan to bring you undone by first probing for your emotional weaknesses. If some people discover that they can get you very upset and angry easily, by personal jibes or criticism, or some other comment to provoke you, then they will Play that Card, because your responses are rewarding them.

The Beatles may have sung, ‘All We Need Is Love’, but few people are practicing Love, most are Singing ‘All I Want Is the Green-Eyed-Monster’.

To Win the Game of Life you have to decide not to Reward negative Card Players, under any circumstances.

The more Successful you become in your Workplace by following the Hidden Path to Success, the more people will pop up to try and bring you down to their Level in the Game. This is a very hard lesson for people to learn, and many decide to retreat from the Success Pathway because they cannot handle angst from people they thought were their friends.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024