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Grace Vs The Curse of Ritualism

Few Believers are aware that Ritualism will actually bring a Curse upon the participants.

Paul explains this in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey Ch2:19 AMP Paraphrased, “For if I through Rituals, under the operation of the Curse of the Ritual or Law of Moses, have in Christ’s death for me, myself died to the Ritual or Law, and all the Ritual’s or Law’s demands upon me”

Those who seek to be Justified by God through the performance of any kind of Ritual or Spell or Mystical Technique, are under the Curse.

Anyone Teaching Ritualism in any form as the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ , will also come under the same Curse.

Obviously Paul had no concern for being Politically Correct, Ad this statement absolutely outraged the Religious Hierarchy of the time, as it does today to all the Spruikers of Ritual Formulas today.

We asked Magus the Ritualist for his ‘valuable’ opinion “Repeat this Prayer Formula 6 times per day with these Beads, and something Magical will happen to you. It’s not necessary for you to understand what the Prayer means, just keep repeating it over and over again. If you forget you have committed a Sin and must punish yourself.”

The Believe that the Ritual Transcendental Mystery Meditation is going to help you evolve to a Higher Plane or get closer to God, or to Reincarnate as a Princess, or become part of the Spiritual Elite, isn’t just a fun game, it is the Doorway to the Curse.

Paul is saying that he has Died to the Rituals and all of their demands in Christ, there is no turning back if he is to live for Christ.

We cannot compromise our Faith in Jesus Christ with belief in the power of Rituals.

Magus the Ritualist comments, “I know Paul said that, but Rituals appease my guilty conscience. I know my Gambling Addiction is wrong, but I can always perform a Ritual to feel better.”

Performing Rituals has a Band-Aid effect over a festering wound. The Ceremonial Magic covers it up but underneath our Sins and weaknesses and addictions are getting worse and worse.

Paul emphasises his separation from Ritualism, Galatians 2:20, AMP “I have been Crucified with Christ, in Him I have shared his Crucifixion.”

This does not mean that Paul participates in Self Flagellation Processions, and punishes himself to identify with the Crucifixion.

Paul continues, Galatians 2:20, AMP “It is no longer I who live, but Christ the Messiah lives in me,”

This also does not mean that Paul is advocating a Selfless life in a Monastery, totally absorbed in Meditation Rituals so that he can die to his old self by denying his life.

Paul is saying in this context that he has died to his old life of Ritualism through the Cross, and is now identified with his new life in the Resurrected Christ.

Ritualistic dogma distorts these verses to encourage the very thing that Paul said he died to in Christ.

Galatians 2:20 AMP, “and the life I now live in the body I live by Faith in, by adherence to and reliance on and complete trust in, the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself up for me”

So Paul is living the Faith Life and is no longer under the Curse of Ritualism.

Notice that Paul is saying that he is living his entire life by Faith now, and this Faith Life is the Key to being identified with the Risen Christ.

Would you like to live the Faith Life?

Grace Vs the Curse of Ritualism





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Grace Vs Sin Consciousness

When we receive the Grace of Jesus Christ we no longer have a sense of Condemnation over our Sins and Mistakes.

This does not mean that those who Teach the Gospel of Grace are giving people a License to freely Sin.

On the contrary, the Grace of Jesus Christ is the only way to overcome Sin.

Yielding to the Grace of Jesus Christ empowers us to overcome a Sin Consciousness.

Those with a Sin Consciousness believe that they can never really please God, because He is constantly reminding us about our failures, weaknesses and Sins.

Spiritual Legalism promotes and Teaches Sin Consciousness.

The only temporary remedy being recommended is Disciplined Ritualism, or ‘Transcendental Magical Mystical Meditation, or other forms of the Law of Sin and Death.

Paul clarifies this in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, AMP, Ch2:17, “But if in our desire and endeavour to be Justified in Christ”

Paul is talking about his DESIRE to be Justified in Christ, which means he wants to be ‘Just As If I have never sinned’.

The Sin Conscious Practitioners are focused on their weaknesses and failures, and their Ritualistic Formulas, instead of on the Grace of Christ.

Paul continues, Galatians 2:17 AMP, “to be declared Righteous and put in Right Standing with God wholly and solely through Christ”

Here Paul is making it abundantly clear again that there is No Other Way to be in Right Standing with God other than by Faith in Jesus Christ.

God is not sitting up in Heaven holding out on us because we are imperfect Sinners.

God has made the Way through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross for us to be perfectly restored to Right Standing by Faith in Christ.

Notice Paul did not say, ‘If Faith in Christ fails, then try to appease God through Religious Ritualism and Observances, and if even that fails don’t forget to read your Horror-scope, because we never know what tragedy may lie around the corner.’

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ?





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Grace Vs Astrology

People get attracted to Astrology because they want to know their destiny.

Astrology gains control over people’s emotions through the power of Auto-Suggestion.

The Astrology says, “I can see that you are in for turbulent times in April and May, but the skies will clear in June. You will get that job you’ve applied for, but you will get fired. Your current relationship will go sour very quickly.”

By believing that our friendships, occupations, business dealings, and our entire lives are predetermined by the Stars, we place ourselves in a very vulnerable position to be deceived.

You determine your own success or failure by what you Believe.

Your Future is not predetermined by the Stars or Tarot Cards or Luck.

Grace empowers us to Believe in our own future.

When we encounter the Grace of Jesus Christ we realise that our personality and emotional characteristics and predispositions are not determined by our Star Sign.

Star Signs are a Spiritual Hoax designed to entice and deceive the most gullible.

Grace fills your Heart with the Faith of Jesus Christ, and you are no longer fearful or uncertain about your future, so you don’t have any need for Tarot Trickery.

Someone said, “Yes, but what the Astrologer said to me came true, my Stars foretold a serious accident, and I had a car crash the very next day, where I was injured and had to go to hospital. How do you explain that?”

Through Auto-Suggestion we can activate Curses by the things that we Say and Believe, especially through the Fear of what we think we are going to lose.

If you Speak Out and Believe the things told to you by ‘Fortune Tellers’ you by consent give those Curses power over your life.

Even if the Astrologer is saying the Tarot is predicting Good Fortune, it will be laced with Fear and Anguish, because the Next Card could spell doom.

You can break any Curses placed or Spoken over your life, by yielding to the Grace of Jesus Christ and Speaking out the Word of God by Faith.

Would you like to be Free of all Curses?






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Grace Vs Ritual Hypocrisy

Very few Believers know that Paul directly confronted Ritual Hypocrisy amongst some Spiritual Leaders in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey.

The implications of this confrontation have extremely important ramifications for todays Church, because the same exclusivity Game is being played today.

The Apostle Paul states Galatians 2:11 AMP , “But when Peter came to Antioch (Turkey), I protested and opposed him to his face concerning his conduct there, for he was blameable and stood condemned.”

This Protest is the foundation of the Protestant Reformation, but this is not an Anti-Catholic hysterical rant.

Notice that Paul is saying that he Protested against the Hypocritical Conduct of Peter.

This is an extremely bold move for a newcomer to the Team to oppose the conduct of the Apostle Peter.

This would be the equivalent today of a Charismatic Church leader publicly confronting a very prominent Roman Catholic Church Bishop for hypocritically refusing to fellowship with Protestants.

I am not here encouraging people to publicly challenge their Church leaders, as Paul specifically declares that his Revelations came directly from Jesus Christ, as exemplified in the Book of Acts.

Paul continues, Galatians 2:12 AMP, “For up to the time that certain persons came from James, Peter ate his meals with the Gentile converts, but when the men from Jerusalem arrived, he withdrew and held himself aloof from the Gentiles and ate separately for fear of those of the Circumcision party.”

So here Peter is being outed for Religious Game Playing.

The Temptation to Play Ritualism Games can affect any Believer, even prominent Bishops.

This is more easily understood if we paraphrase the above verse and put it in todays context.

2:12 Paraphrased, “For up to the time that certain Bishops came from Rome, Peter ate his meals with all the Believers, but when the Bishops arrived Peter withdrew and held himself aloof from the Believers and had fellowship exclusively with the Bishops for fear of those of the Roman Church.”

Now we can clearly understand what this confrontation is really all about, as it illustrates the Spiritual Warfare between Grace and Ritualistic Hypocrisy.

Bishop Pompous objects, “Our Rituals are completely exclusive and are actually handed down from Peter. We can’t be influenced by these Charismatic protesters. I must admit that there was a major move of the Holy Spirit in the Roman Church in the 60’s and 70’s that did bring fresh air into a very stagnant atmosphere. But we Bishops decided to stamp that Charismatic Movement out and return to our Traditional Rituals. The Catholic Charismatics started to ask the Bishops why we were contradicting Scripture and acting like Hypocritical Ritualists, and we can’t tolerate that, can we?”

Paul does not give up on his exposure of Ritual Hypocrisy.

We need to understand that this is not about Peter or any Church personality, but is a revealing of the Power of Grace over Traditional Ritualism.

All those deceived by Ritualism end up acting with Hypocritical insincerity by referring to themselves as the ‘Holier than thou Exclusive Brethren”.

Paul hammers this point, Galatians 2:14 AMP “But as soon as I saw that they were not straightforward and were not living up to the Truth of the Gospel, I said to Peter before everyone present,”

We continue, Paraphrased into todays context, “If you, though born into a Catholic Religious family, can live as you have been living like a Charismatic and not like a Catholic, how do you dare now to urge and practically force the Charismatics to comply with the Rituals of the Roman Church?”

Paul goes on to clarify what is the difference between Grace and Spiritual Legalism.

Galatians 2:16 AMP, “Therefore Even we ourselves have believed on Christ Jesus, in order to be Justified by Faith in Christ and not by works of the Law, for we cannot be Justified by any observance of the RITUAL of the Law given by Moses,”

We are not in any way denigrating the Law of Moses, but rather denying that Ritualism can put anyone in Right Standing with God.

This is very similar to the approach of Martin Luther in Germany in 1517, when he published the Disputation on the Power of Indulgences or 95 Theses.

Would you like to be Set Free from Ritualism?





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How to be Right with God by Faith

Some Believers think that they will never be Right with God because of their failures and mistakes.

If the only way to be Right with God was by not making any mistakes, and never failing, and perfectly performing Rituals, none of us would ever arrive at Righteousness.

As a result we tend to live with a feeling of guilt over our Sins, which results in a reluctance to deal with addictions and other emotional problems.

But, Right Standing with God is received by Grace through Faith.

You can’t Win the Game of Life by starting from a Losing position.

Winning the Game of Life starts by being in Right Standing with God.

If you think you can never attain to this High Standard because of your imperfections, you are starting from a Losing Position.

Guilt and Condemnation and Rejection and Frustration will cause you to think that you are not worthy of Successfully Winning the Game.

Self Condemnation causes people to Play the Blame Card on the ‘Government’ and ‘Society’ and ‘Capitalist Culture’.

The Apostle Paul clearly reveals to us How to be in Right Standing with God by Faith in his Letter to the Turkish Believers in Galatia.

Galatians 2:16 AMP “Yet we know that a Man is not Justified and Placed in Right Standing with God by Rituals or Works of the Law”

Paul is saying that we all know that the Rituals have failed us.

Did the Beatles come to this realisation after it became apparent that the Guru they were following in the mid 60’s was more interested in chasing their female fans than in speaking the Truth? ( see the link below)

We all know that the Rituals have failed us and this is why many people have lost their trust in organised Religion.

The Psychiatrist’s offices are full of Believers with unresolved Guilt Complexes.


We are no longer being taught How to Be Right with God, and instead we are being told that if the Ritual or Meditation Technique doesn’t work then take a pill.

How are we made Right with God?

Galatians 2:16 AMP, “ But only through FAITH in God’s Beloved Son, Christ Jesus”

Notice that Paul states, “Only through Faith” and did NOT SAY, ‘Through Faith plus Meditation Retreats and Yoga and endless Rituals and Rites, and lighting Candles and Chanting, and living alone in a Monastery, and Prayer Beads so we can Pray 7 times per day without fail, and asking other Mediators to help because our Father God isn’t listening, and constantly blaming God for all our failures.”

It’s so simple and obvious that the PC Agenda works overtime to confuse us about Living by Faith.

Let’s ask our illustrious fictitious Agnostic Professor of Theology at the College of Religious Games, Dubitans Scrooge for his dubious opinion, “We all acknowledge nowadays that there are many ways to God, so many that I often get confused and lose count. But Paul is over-simplifying things as Faith alone cannot save us. If Faith was sufficient then that would render all our Rituals and Occult Practices as useless, and we can’t have that, can we?”

Paul counters in Galatians 2:16 AMP paraphrased, “Even we religious people have Believed in Jesus Christ, so that we might be Justified by Faith in Christ Jesus and not by Legalistic Rituals or Works of the Law of Moses.”

Paul is not denigrating the original purpose of the Law of Moses here, as he later calls it our Tutor to lead us to Christ.

But our modern Rituals are far worse and deceitful than the Law of Moses.

These Scriptures are severe warnings to Believers about the dangers of deceptive Rituals that use the name of Christ but deny entry to Right Standing by Faith.

Would you like to be in Right Standing with God through Faith in Jesus Christ?

How to Be Right with God by Faith.






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How to Live by Faith

Some people are completely unaware that the Gospel teaches us the Way of Living in our everyday lives, and that the Gospel covers everything.

Did Jesus say ,”I’m going to Heaven now and I’m going to leave things up to yourselves to sort out by Playing Religious Ritual Games. You will be haunted by doubts but there is nothing you can do about it. But Remember, there is Pie in the Sky when you get to Heaven”.

Many Believers are completely unaware that God has given us a Plan to live successful lives in the nasty here and now, before we get to Heaven.

We are to Live by Faith, and How we Live by Faith is explained very clearly by Paul.

In fact, it is so black and white clear in the Scriptures that you would need our fictitious Agnostic Theological Professor Scrooge to confuse you.

Professor Scrooge, “You can never be too sure what Paul meant by the word Faith.”

In Paul’s explains in his Letter to the Roman Church 1:17, AMP, “For in the Gospel a Righteousness which God ascribes is REVEALED,”

Righteousness means Right Standing with God, and it does not mean a ‘Holier than thou’ Self Righteous attitude.

Paul illustrates that the Gospel is REVEALING a new type of Righteousness, which is not the same as Old Covenant Righteousness, because you don’t have to earn it through Ritual practice or performances.

How do we Receive this New Type of Righteousness?

Paul shows us How to Receive by Faith, AMP Galatians Ch 1:17 ,” both springing from Faith and leading to Faith, disclosed through the Way of Faith that arouses more Faith”

Now we can see why Professor Scrooge wants to confuse us about what Faith actually is, because without Faith we cannot enter into and Receive the Grace of the New Type of Right Standing with God .

The New Type of Right Standing with God is Received exclusively by Faith, and cannot be earned by performing Rituals or Rites.

This does not mean that Faith cannot be expressed in a Prayer or a Church Service of any kind.

On the contrary, Words of Faith must be spoken in all our Prayers and Church Services.

Paul continues, Galatians 1:17 AMP, “As it is written, The man who through Faith is just and upright shall live and shall live by Faith”

So we can see here that Paul is not making a suggestion to us about the option of Faith, but is saying to us that we are to Live by Faith.

This Faith covers every aspect of our lives, including our Relationships and families, Health, Finances and emotional well being.

But, you must be Right with God to Live by Faith.

This is where the dubious Professor Dubitans Scrooge tries to create more confusion, “Well, we all know that none of us live perfectly, so we cannot possibly live up to Paul’s unrealistic expectations, “

Those who defend Ritualism cannot comprehend that the New Righteousness is the Gift of Grace by Jesus Christ.





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How to Overcome Addictions

An Addiction is something that you cannot stop doing by your own willpower.

People who say,”You should stop Gambling, Drinking Alcohol excessively, Illicit Drugs, watching Porn, Netflix binging everyday,”, and so on, fail to realise that the person who is addicted finds that they can’t stop doing it.

Mystical Ritualism offers a cure which is the practice of a Rite, or Meditation, or a particular type of Spiritual Exercise, or Chanting, or Lighting Candles or Fragrances to appease Multiple Deities.

But the addicted person will proclaim, “I tried Meditation Clinics for 6 months but I’m still addicted. I keep being told that I’ll get there eventually if I keep trying, but I the harder I try the worse it gets.”

The truth is that if you are addicted you cannot beat it by your willpower, because if we could then we would have already overcome our addictions by now.

Often when the Apostle Paul wrote Letters to the Believers, he would open with references to Grace.

Paul wrote In Galatians Ch1:3 AMP to the Believers in Turkey, “Grace and Spiritual Blessing be to you, and Soul Peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah”

Why did Paul talk about the Grace of Jesus before going on to discuss other things?

Paul did this to establish up front that our Spiritual Blessings come from the Grace of Jesus and not from our own Legalistic Ritualism or New Years resolutions.

If we Receive the Grace of Jesus we can overcome any addictions by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

If you could overcome your Addiction by yourself without any help, you would have already done so by now.

How does the Grace of Jesus Christ help us to Beat addictions?

Paul explains in next verse, Galatians 1:4 AMP, “Who gave and yielded Himself up to Atone for our Sins and to Save and Sanctity us from this present Wicked Age and world order, in accordance with the Will and purpose and plan of our God and Father.”

Some people struggle to accept the Salvation Plan of Grace from our Father God because of a feeling of Rejection that hangs over them like a cloud.

This spirit of Rejection is the real cause of the Addiction problems.

We feel rejected by others, that nothing that we do is ever really accepted, that when we are amongst a group of people we feel like we are on the outside looking in.

By receiving the Grace of Jesus through Faith, we realise that we are completely loved and accepted by our Father God, and all feelings of Rejection no longer have any power to control our emotions.

The Grace of Jesus has Set us Free, and as a result we don’t have to earn our Liberty through a Reward for Effort System.

Addictions cannot control us anymore because the Grace of Jesus has substituted Rejection for Love and Acceptance.

We need to acknowledge that we can’t overcome our Addictions without the Grace of Jesus.

Otherwise we will be trapped by our own Egos into Believing that if we try hard enough with the next latest Meditation Technique, we may eventually stop Gambling and looking at porn.

But we secretly tell ourselves only maybe“

Would you like to Receive the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ?





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How Faith Works by Saying

Jesus taught the Disciples in Mark Ch11:13,14 AMP, that they could Proactively use their Faith in their everyday lives, “Seeing at a distance a Fig tree in leaf, He went to see if he would find anything on it. But he found nothing but leaves, for it was not the Season for figs. He said to it, ‘No one will ever eat fruit from you again!’

This set the foundation for Jesus to place the emphasis on releasing your Faith by Saying, as his Disciples later found this Fig tree had dried up from the roots.

We can speak Blessings or Curses through our Words.

The concept of Speaking our Faith is a very difficult hurdle for our fictitious Theological Student Passivum Psittacus to get over as he objects, “We are not Jesus Christ, only Jesus can speak out his Faith with His authority.”

Jesus knew that the Ritualistic Mindset would oppose his Faith Teaching, and this is why he clarified that Faith will work for Whosever in Mark Ch11:23 AMP,” WHOSEVER shall Say”

This immediately refutes the idea that only Jesus has the right to use his Faith. Whosoever means that anyone can utilise their Faith by Saying.

Notice that Jesus did not say,’Whosever shall ask me to do the Saying for them’.

Passivum Psittacus continues,”Look, I just don’t have the Faith to speak directly to the problems in my life, unless Jesus speaks to them nothing is going to happen. I’m struggling with my addiction to Gambling right now, I find it is totally controlling me, I just can’t break free of it. I keep telling Jesus about my problems with Online Gambling, but he seems to be too busy to care. After all, I’m not Jesus and I can’t solve this. I’ve never heard of Speaking the Word to my problems before. Why hasn’t Professor Scrooge said anything about this at the Theological Seminary? Scrooge just keeps telling us that we have to accept our dark side and not feel guilty about it, and I find that very depressing.”

Faith Works by Speaking the Word over our problems.





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How Faith Works

Very few Believers are actually aware of How Faith Works because of a lack of Teaching on the Subject of Faith.

We need to realise that our Lord Jesus Christ taught us exactly How to use our Faith.

Notice that Jesus did not say, ‘You never know when you are going to have Faith and when you are going to be full of doubt. Faith is like the clouds in the sky, you are not sure when it’s going to appear or where it is going’.

Jesus taught the opposite to the Airy-Fairy approach in Mark 11:22,23,24 AMP Paraphrased, “Have Faith in God constantly”

For Jesus to Teach to ‘Have Faith in God constantly’ means that it is possible to be consistent with Faith, on not be regularly on a Doubt Roller Coaster .

This one point alone makes the Ritualist Mindset go into an hysterical Tail Spin.

To the Legalistic Game Player, it’s up to God whether he wants to give us Faith or not, and most of the time God wants to plague us with doubts to test us.

So the mere suggestion that God wants us to use our Faith on purpose contradicts everything that the Ritualist stands for, which is a Religion of passivity.

Passivum Psittacus, our fictitious advocate of Legalistic Ritualism complains, “How dare you suggest that we can use our Faith like a Sword, that is a metaphysical concept that has no place in our Rituals”.

Ritualism suggests that we can earn points in the Gambling Hall of Heaven by endless repetition of prayers to multiple mediators, and you never know when you are going to hit the jackpot.

Jesus was completely opposed to this form of Religious Hypocrisy.

In Mark 11:23,24 AMP Paraphrased Jesus taught, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you”.

Jesus is emphasising that He is extremely serious about this Teaching.

Mark 11:23,24 “Whoever says to this Mountain”

In this context a Mountain is used to illustrate an obstacle, since the disciple were walking everywhere, or by donkey or on horses.

In todays context we would say problem.

Jesus said “Whosever says to this problem”

Jesus did not say, “Whosoever talks to God about the problem and constantly complains about it”

Some Believers tend to think that Prayer is constantly complaining and bringing up a problem to Gos as if he wasn’t aware.

Passivum prays, “God I want to remind you how much I have done for you, and why aren’t you fixing my problems?

I’ve been addicted to Gambling for several years now, and it seems like you don’t want to help me kick the habit”.

The reason Jesus taught “Whosoever shall Say” is because the Saying part of Faith is a very important part of How your Faith Works

Would you like to Learn How to make your Faith Work ?





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How to be in Right Standing with God

One of the major aims of Paul in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, is to show Believers how they can have Right Standing with God through Grace.

This is completely misunderstood by Legalistic Ritualism.

In Galatians Ch 2:18 AMP Paraphrased, “ For if I, or any others who have taught the Law of Moses..”

The problem we have today is that most people have no idea what is the Law of Moses in the first place, because of 60+ years of PC and MET indoctrination.

The majority of Ivory Tower Agnostic Theological Professors conveniently overlook this point.

We asked our fictitious Professor Scrooge why this is the case,”It was easy to convince people that the Law of Moses was no longer necessary in the 60’s and 70’s. This generation was more interested in reading Play-boy magazine to get tips on how to be unfaithful to their wives without them knowing about it. Our Culture decided to reject the Law of Moses because we started telling them about the Utopian State Controlled Paradise in Moscow and Berlin. Of course, it wasn’t until later that we realised that this Soviet System was actually a Totalitarian nightmare, but by then it was out of control.”

Galatians 2:18,AMP Paraphrased, “For if I or any others who have taught that the observance of the Law of Moses is not essential to being Justified by God..”

Notice that Paul did not say that the Law of Moses was not essential, just that is is not essential to being Justified by God. Paul also declares that the Law is our Tutor to bring us to Christ, but not to make us the Righteousness of God in Christ.

The role of the Tutor is to show us our need of Jesus Christ, but not to give us Right Standing with God.

The problem many Believers have with this Revelation of Paul, is that they base their belief in Righteousness on how they feel at the time.

“I know the Scriptures say that I’m the Righteousness of God in Christ by Grace, but I sure don’t feel like it today. I’m definitely not perfect.”

This shows a confusion between Faith and Feelings.

We are the Righteousness of God by Faith in Jesus Christ because of His Gift of Grace, regardless of how we feel about it.

If we were to compare the Gift of Righteousness to a Knighthood, we can see how to proclaim our Righteousness in Christ.

Imagine yourself being Knighted by the Royal Monarch in the UK. You kneel before the Monarch and with a Sword the Monarch pronounces you a Knight and from henceforth you are to be regarded as a Sir followed by your name Eg Sir Francis Drake.

Then on the following day you awake in the morning and tell everyone that you don’t feel like a Sir. Then you call the Monarch’s Palace and request to be Knighted again because you feel the same as before, and you want the Swords passed over you again.

If somebody were to do this they would probably lose their Knighthood, and be regarded as an unstable person.

Yet some Believers today are given the Gift of Righteousness by the ultimate Monarch of the whole universe, Jesus Christ or Lord, yet refuse to Believe it because they are judging whether they are in Right Standing with God based not on Faith, but on how they feel at the time.

Would you like to be in Right Standing with God?





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