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Just Beat It

October 2, 2016

Sometimes we get so caught up in emotional issues with other people, that we get more focused on proving that we are right and the other person is wrong, than Winning the Game of Life. In striving to prove yourself right you find yourself getting angrier,  and as a result less calm and rational.

Michael Jackson in ‘Beat It’ put it very clearly ,”It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right, Just Beat It.”

If your focus is on Winning the Game of Life then you won’t allow your Ego to waste energy proving that you are right. The other person is not going to admit that they are wrong anyway, but your Ego still wants to fight to prove to everyone that you are really right.

Let go of your Ego’s need to be right by fighting in anger, and get ready to Win the Game by not reacting with negative emotional Cards. By Playing the Anger Card all you are doing is providing fuel to the fire of the person you are upset with. As soon as they see that they can get you angry, they feel justified and become confident that they can beat you. If they cannot provoke you to anger, they will become frustrated with themselves, and will go after someone else who will take the bait.

Do you want prove yourself right, or Win the Game of Life?

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    Would you prefer to prove yourself to be right and Win the argument, or Win the Game of Life?


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