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Grace supersedes Karma

January 9, 2020

Karma is a foundational concept in almost all the world’s religions.

But, what is the remedy for Bad Karma?

Often we say when something bad or detrimental happens to us or our relationships,

“It’s my Karma, what have I done to deserve this?” This is when people start playing the Blame Card on their parents, friends, partner or workplace.

We hear people saying, “It’s my partner’s fault that I’m not happy”.

This then leads people to consult with Gurus or Meditation ‘experts’ about the likely causes of bad Karma. People are then encouraged to dig up Sins, emotional problems, relationship issues, health related symptoms, from the past. There is no doubt that we all carry baggage from past conflicts, but focusing on them quite often leads to further psychological issues. We are told to let go of the drama, admit it wasn’t your fault, if it feels good then do it, don’t be too hard on yourself, give yourself a break, love who you are, and on and on. But the same people keep going back to the same therapy sessions over and over again. Obviously, something isn’t working.

Grace on the other hand, supersedes all negative Karma in our lives instantaneously. Grace fills your heart with the love, peace and joy of Jesus Christ the moment you yield your heart to Him. Grace heals your insecurities and anxieties, where no amount of self-help or willpower focusing mantras were able to help you.

When Jesus said, “My burden is light, my yoke is easy”, he was referring to the blessings that His Grace gives to you freely.

Many will respond to this by saying, “It can’t be that easy, life is hard and unforgiving and depressing.” But, it is just our egos that try to convince us that Grace cannot be freely available to us because we don’t deserve it.

Grace sets aside the negative Law of Karma as completely void in your life. The price of Bad Karma has already been paid for you by Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. He took upon himself the penalty for our sins, mistakes, failures and all the emotional repercussions of negative Karma. There is no longer any need for you to delve into, and deeply analyze your childhood dilemmas or present phobias, because Grace has absolutely annulled them all for you. By Faith you receive this Grace directly from Jesus Himself, there is no need to go through any other person in Heaven as an intermediary.

When we experience any form of negative emotions we need to call upon the Grace of Christ without fear or condemnation.

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