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How to experience Grace.

October 24, 2016

Would you like to stop worrying and start living a stress free life ?

Walking in the Grace of God produces a Peace in your life that defies logic. You may be getting criticized unfairly by a jealous workmate, yet Grace enables you not to become bitter as you know that Jesus is fighting your battles for you. Your workmate will soon realize that they cannot get you upset with their silly accusations, and will be very surprised when you get promoted above them.

Did Paul address the Romans in this manner , ‘To all who are in Rome, you are making too many mistakes and I want you to lift your Game. There are 7 major things that you are not doing right.’ ?  If Paul had opened his Letter to the Romans in this way it would have produced a high level of anxiety. Instead Paul states in Ch 1 V7 NKJV, “To ALL who are in Rome, beloved of God, called to be Saints: GRACE to you and PEACE from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Did Paul stand up before the Romans and say   ,’There are some of you that deserve Grace, but the majority of you are making way too many mistakes to be called Saints, you naughty Sinners.’ ? Obviously Paul did not, because the reference is to ALL believers in Rome. This introductory statement by Paul sets the tone for the rest of the Epistle, and when we understand his purpose we no longer read Romans as if it were the Umpire’s Rule Book. Romans is a Revelation of the Grace of God, and clearly shows us how we can experience the Peace that overcomes anxiety.

If you would like to stop worrying then yield yourself to the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Peace that fills you with joy dissolves your worries in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Grace empowers you to live victoriously in the midst of any kind of negative situation, because you are not relying upon your own performance, but upon Jesus who turns your failures into success. Grace will cause you to rise above jealous colleagues, and you will not be drawn into petty gossip. No matter how difficult the situation is that you are facing, Grace will cause you to rise to the top.

The Power of Grace




.Roman Revelation

.Empowered by Grace


.Just Beat It




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