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It’s your Call – 6.

July 10, 2016

We have been discussing the amazing Secret discovered by Abraham, as revealed by Paul in his Letter to the Romans. Paul was unveiling far more in Romans than just Man’s sinful condition. Some people think that Romans is just a description of the Sinful state of man, and therefore our need of a Savior in Jesus Christ. Whilst this is true, it is a foundation of Romans and not the whole building. If the main focus of Romans is Sin, why did Paul spend so much time talking about the Patriarch Abraham ? Those who claim that the emphasis of Romans is Sin, are reading commentaries on Romans rather than reading the Letter by Paul itself. We are endeavoring to discuss the entire content of Romans because it is a Treasure Trove of Revelations yet to be discovered by most people. As you study the Roman Revelations you will be abundantly Blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Romans Ch 4 V1 AMP,

” 1 BUT IF so, what shall we say about Abraham, our forefather humanly speaking–what did he find out? How does this affect his position, and what was gained by him?”

Paul’s first question here in regard to Abraham is “What did he find out ?” Did Paul stand up before the Roman Church and say ?,

“I want you to find out what Abraham discovered as it is very important. Abraham made the discovery that he was an utterly depraved Sinner.The reason I want you to learn about Abraham is to show you how corrupt a Sinner he really was. He was our forefather, and so all of you are morally wicked also, you are Sinners by Nature you naughty people. I want you all to feel really bad about yourselves.”

Obviously this was not the intention of Paul, and you could only believe this nonsense if you were reading a confused commentary on Romans. Paul does not emphasize the Sin of Abraham, but rather his triumphant Faith. Total Depravity is the condition of the Sinner before they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, NOT AFTER BEING BORN AGAIN. The description of the Sinful condition of man is done only in order to contrast with the New Creation,  that we are now in Christ Jesus .The prevalence of Sin-conscious condemnation Teaching is the reason why the offices of Psychologists are full of Christians suffering from Guilt. In future parts of this Series, you will learn how to overcome any Sins from your past, depression, anxiety and all forms of fear. You will experience the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that will fill you with Peace and Joy.

As you study the Life of Abraham, the Keys to victory in all things you are currently experiencing will open up to you, and you will be empowered by the Spirit of Life to overcome any addictions that you may be struggling with.


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