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It’s your Call – Legalism Vs Grace

June 26, 2016

Abraham the flawed leader, discovered a truly life changing Spiritual Secret that empowered him to overcome the various challenges and adversities that he faced.

Paul reveals this Secret in his Letter to the Romans.

However, many people who read Romans have been told that it is a Rule Book instead of realizing that it is a Road Map to a Victorious Life.

Paul refers to Abraham because he wants to reveal the Secret that Abraham discovered in the context of the New Covenant.

Did Paul say in Romans,

“What shall we say about Abraham ? What did he find out ? Well, I want to introduce you to Abraham because he  is our perfect example of Rule Keeping, and he discovered that strictly following the Rules pleased the Creator. He had a regimented Prayer Program of several Prayer times per day, at the exact same time each day, in a very disciplined and pious manner. Also Abraham carried around a set of Prayer Beads which he was constantly using to assist his Prayers. As well he was seen to be regularly meditating in the Lotus Position, and used his Prayer Beads to assist with this. Altogether Abraham was a seriously legalistic and hyper religious person who made it obvious what the strict requirements of the sacred Rule Book were. What a great example of diligent Rule Keeping Abraham is for us. Now you lazy Romans need to lift your game by getting more disciplined, and start following the Rule Book far more exactly.” ?

What did Abraham really discover that completely revolutionized his life ?

It comes as a SHOCK to many people when they read what Paul actually says in  Romans Ch 4 V1 (AMP).

” But if so, WHAT SHALL WE SAY ABOUT ABRAHAM, our forefather humanly speaking –  WHAT DID HE FIND OUT ?”

We can see very clearly from this that Paul wanted us to discover what Abraham found out and that it was extremely important that we do so.

Yet our eyes have been blinded to this discovery because we have been listening to legalistic nonsense which has tried to convince us that Romans is a Rule Book rather than a Life giving Road Map.

Why does Paul want us to know what Abraham found out ?

It’s your Call .

It’s your Call – 2

It’s your Call – 3


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