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It’s your Call – 2

May 31, 2015

Faith in your own Spoken Words can create the Success that you are desiring.

IMG_0186 (2)

Have you discovered that Faith in your own Spoken Words can create a desired result ?

When I was first introduced to this concept I began immediately to use it in my

failing Sales Career. I found that every rejection that I received from potential customers

not only negatively influenced my own attitude towards the next sale,

but also my Sales Manager who began to say,

“You are not following the Sales scripts correctly, you are probably going to fail, you should consider doing something else”. It was at this point that I was learning that my words could create the success I was working towards. So I starting speaking out my desired Sales Target for the following month, which was a bold move considering that my current Sales Monthly Volume was zero. I refused to listen to any negativity from any person as to my ability to achieve my Monthly Sales Goal.

In the following Month I achieved a Company record for Sales volume in that particular month,

by declaring daily what my Sales goal was.

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