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It’s your Call – 3

June 25, 2016

Abraham the patriarch discovered a Spiritual Secret. This Secret empowered him to overcome the serious challenges he faced in his life. For those who think that the main purpose of their religion is following a set of rules the Secret becomes impossible for them to understand .

This Secret is completely revealed in Paul’s Letter to the Romans, but you cannot see it if you think that Paul is talking about Rule keeping. To understand the Spiritual Secret requires a New Way of looking at things. It is not a matter of how well you have been following the Rule book.

In Romans Ch 4 V 1 MSG,

“So how do we fit what we know of Abraham, our first father in the Faith,


Why is Paul talking to the early Church in Rome about Abraham ?

Is Paul going to use Abraham in Romans as a good example of somebody who followed the Rule book without failure or mistakes. Did Paul say , “I want you to look at goody-two-shoes Abraham, because he never said a lie, and lived a perfect life without making any mistakes. Abraham followed the Rule book to the letter and because of this he is our example to follow you naughty people.”

It’s your Call – 2

It’s your Call .


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