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It’s your Call – 5

June 29, 2016

When we look at the Secret of Abraham as revealed by Paul in his Letter to the Romans, we can see that Abraham went through a transformation when God changed his name from Abram to Abraham . The name Abraham means ‘Father of many people’. What makes this very interesting is that God changed his name to Abraham when he was childless.

Did God say to Abram, “What I want you to do is prove yourself to me by having lots of children. Then when you have a very large family, I will decide to change your name to Abraham. I will not change your name to Abraham until you have a multitude of children.” This is the way that most people think that God treats them . They feel that they have to perform some task in order to impress God. Where people become confused is in thinking that God runs Heaven in the same way as the business they work for operates. If you do a lot of Sales for your local business you will get rewarded, but if you don’t you will probably get laid off.

God called Abram the name  Abraham because He wanted to change the way Abram saw himself internally. It comes as a shock to some Christians when they see that God wanted Abraham to first see himself as a SUCCESS before it could be worked out in his life. If you see yourself as successful on the inside you will then manifest your dreams by overcoming the challenges you face in your life. However, if you are waiting for other people to acknowledge your talents and abilities before you will believe in yourself, you are going to have a very long wait. Affirm your positive qualities and in this way you will create an image of success that nobody can shake or destroy.

It’s your Call .

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