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The Power of Grace

October 23, 2016

In Romans Ch 1 V5 NKJV Paul states, “Through Him we have received Grace and Apostleship for obedience to the Faith among all nations for His name,”.

Did the Apostle Paul say here, ‘We have received the Rule Book from Jesus Christ, so you all had better follow the Rules.’ ? Right from the outset in Romans the Apostle Paul is making it very clear that he has received Grace. In fact, the Book of Romans is not a Rule Book as some have taught, but a Revelation of the Power of the Grace of God. Some presume that those who Teach the Gospel of Grace are creating an opportunity for believers to live in Sin, by using Grace as an excuse. Whilst it is true that some people say, ‘I’m under Grace, I can do whatever I feel like doing, If I want to leave my wife and kids then I will.’ The people who use Grace as an excuse to Sin have never experienced the Grace of God, because they see Grace as a concept of freedom from Rule Keeping.

If your Spiritual Life has become a set of Rules and Techniques, Prayer Beads, Meditation Rituals, rigid Fasting requirements, you will feel continually frustrated that you haven’t quite arrived at a place of peace. Your Ego will continually remind you that you haven’t done enough, that you need to repeat more Prayers. The Ego thrives on Spiritual Pride, proving to others that you are Holier and more Spiritual than they are.

Grace is not just a conceptual idea, Grace is a person, Jesus Christ. When you experience the Grace of God you don’t say, ‘Wow, now I’m free from the Rule Book and will commit whatever Sin I feel like’. In his Letter to the Romans Paul said that he had received Grace, and the direct result was obedience to the Faith. The Power of Grace had radically transformed Paul from a terrorist who actively persecuted the Church, to an Apostle. Grace empowers you to triumph over all of the negative circumstances that life may present you with.











Copyright – Craig Holme – 2016.

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