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Empowered by Grace

November 13, 2016

Recently we have been experiencing some disruptions to our Electricity Power Supply across the State in which I live. Aberrant weather conditions have caused Power blackouts which have created problems for households and business. In the Kingdom of God we have the Power of the Holy Spirit which obviously never suffers from a blackout.

How do we access this Power from the Holy Spirit ?

In Ephesians 2 V8, Paul talks about Faith being given to us by Grace, and that we cannot manufacture Faith by our own effort. Sometimes we get the idea that we have to turn on the Electricity Supply in Heaven, and that it is our Faith that switches on the Power. We can assume from this concept that there is a current Power blackout in Heaven, and we have to switch it back on with Faith. In Ephesians Paul is showing us that there is never a Power failure in Heaven, as the Power is always on eternally.

Grace makes this power of the Spirit available to us at all times, no matter how badly we may feel, or how much we have messed up. In fact this Grace abounds toward us even more when we are at our lowest point, experiencing depression or anxiety and thinking that we have lost hope.

Grace gives you the Faith to access the Resources of Heaven. We sometimes feel that we don’t have the Faith to Believe for God to bless us because our heart has been crushed by the betrayal of a friend or family member. As you receive the Grace of Jesus the Faith, Love and Joy are all poured into your broken heart, and you are healed by His Presence.

When you are faced with challenges that look insurmountable, rely upon the Grace of Jesus to put you over


How to experience Grace.

The Power of Grace



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    Your heart may be weighed down because of the betrayal of a family member, partner, or friend. Our hearts are healed as we yield to the Grace of Jesus.


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