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Grace Vs Political Correctness – Metaphysical Laws

December 26, 2019

Grace brings freedom and liberty from the bondage of Spiritual Laws and Rules.

However, this does not mean that Grace is Spiritually Lawless, as on the contrary the Gospel of Grace fulfills the requirements of the Mosaic Law.

The Grace of Jesus Christ is empowering and enriching, as you are enabled to experience true liberation.

People everywhere are searching in different ways for the liberty that Grace freely gives you.

The irony is that  Political Correctness concepts are actually Metaphysical Laws which are trying to enforce a type of utopian, and completely Orwellian, false substitute for our liberty in Christ.

On the one hand, Cancel Culture Programming tries to destroy and denigrate established norms, such as the institution of Marriage, by replacing it with a deceptive concoction of restrictions of Free Speech in the form of Laws that have a Spiritual source.

Why are the Thought Police seeking to enforce legislation upon society to prevent any form of criticism or debate or discussion of their new so called “freedoms” ?

Why are those who are trying to implement a form of Spiritual Law reacting very badly to any form of differing opinions?

Why are those who offer any form of inquisitive questioning of the justification of imposed Spiritual Law being ostracized?

PC edicts are Metaphysical Laws which are another form of the same principle as the Spiritual Law as spoken of by Paul in the Holy Scripture, in this context ‘You Shall Not Say…..’.

Throughout the Old and New Covenant,  we can see an outworking of the same conflict between Spiritual Law and Grace.

The teaching of the Spiritual Law represents a philosophical concept, and that is that we can legislate moral or right conduct, which is obviously a Spiritual delusion.

What we can see from this is that Man Made Laws have as their essence and foundation Metaphysical Laws.

The philosophy that we can force morality or ‘correct behaviour’ upon people requires a penalty to be imposed for the breaking of the Law or Moral Code.

What happens when a particular Orwellian Philosophy wants to impose its Metaphysical Laws on the rest of society, with the threat of State sanctioned penalties for those who break the Code?

We have a clash of values between Grace and the Big Brother Metaphysical Laws.

Many of the proponents of the Gospel of Grace are completely oblivious to the cause of the dissension going on all around them, that is the ongoing conflict between Grace and Spiritual Law and Rules.

The purpose of the Grace of God is to satisfy the desire of your heart for true love, peace, and joy.

Grace does not need to be legislated or enforced or coerced, or enacted through fear of penalty, like the Cancel Culture form of Spiritual Law mandates.

Grace is the ultimate empowerment because it does not need religious rules or precepts, and neither does it require State sanctioned Legal enforcement.

Everything that you think or have been told that the PC coercion is supposed to offer you, Grace gives to you for free without any strings attached.

When you realize that the happiness of the Orwellian Utopia offered to you by PC Spiritual Law is actually a soul destroying illusion, you are now ready to receive the Grace of Jesus Christ. 

Grace waits patiently for you to yield your heart to a higher Love, and never tries to force anything upon you.

As you give your heart to the Grace of Jesus, you will find that your fears and inner pain and rejection suddenly leaves your soul.

You are immediately released into a heavenly peace with indescribable joy, because all guilt and condemnation has left you, and has been replaced by the Spirit’s presence, which you now experience in a tangible way.

You will find that you want to dance again, the music is so sweet, you will not want to cheat a friend because forgiveness has filled your heart, you could be so good together.

Let go of your ego’s desire to be right and experience the happiness of the Grace of Jesus.

You might as well Jump for Joy.


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