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Is it all just ‘Pie in the Sky’ ?

September 11, 2016

Keys to Commonwealth – 4

Did Jesus stand up and say in the Gospels,

“I want you all to understand that my Parables are purely religious, just Pie in the Sky Stories, and are not to be used in the context of your everyday lives. The Parables are only about Heaven, and baby Angels playing with Harps, and Monks hiding away from the world in a Monastery. The Parables have a Spiritual application only so don’t get your hopes up. I’m not interested in helping you sort out your relationship problems and daily dramas. As far as your Money is concerned it is all evil, and you should be poor and not able to pay your bills if you want to be virtuous….. you silly people.” ?

It is absurd to believe that the Kingdom Parables are only referring to the after life.

Keys to Commonwealth

Keys to Commonwealth – 2

What is the Kingdom Commonwealth ? 3



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