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What is the Kingdom Commonwealth ?

September 10, 2016

What is the Kingdom Commonwealth ? – 3

Firstly, we will start with what the Kingdom Commonwealth is not. Some people think that Christianity and the ‘My Prosperity’ distortion are twins, and are therefore compatible. You would have to delete most of the Teaching by Jesus in the Gospels to believe this corruption of the Commonwealth message. The Kingdom Commonwealth is completely opposed to the ‘My Prosperity’ delusion, and is also in opposition to the ‘Poverty is a Virtue’ deception. Jesus did not say that Money was evil of itself, but rather was to be used in service of the Commonwealth.

The ‘My Prosperity’ concept creates a focus of ‘What’s in it for me ?’ , and as a result produces selfishness. In Christian England during the 18th and 19th centuries, the poor were terribly exploited by the rich. Groups such as the Salvation Army did a great job helping the exploited, whilst wealthy Christians did very little to help those in need. It sounds ludicrous to state this but it needs clarification, Jesus was not a ‘My Prosperity’ advocate. However, this does not mean that Jesus was teaching the virtues of Poverty. Many of the Parables that Jesus taught were about Money and Wealth, but in order to clarify our position on ‘My Prosperity’, neither was Jesus proclaiming the virtues of State controlled Socialism. Jesus clearly explained that the ruling wealth principle in the Kingdom was Commonwealth.

This is a paraphrased, modern day version of the Good Samaritan Parable .

“A certain Iraqi war veteran  was mugged in Detroit and left for dead on the sidewalk with serious stabbing wounds. Along came a ‘Happy Clappy’ Charismatic and said to the victim, “Be Blessed, I don’t have time to get involved in your dramas you low-life  as I only associate with successful people, I’ll be Praying for you,” then went on his way. Next came an Evangelical who offered to lead the veteran in the Sinners Prayer, but when the victim could not offer a verbal response because his jaw was broken by the thieves, the Evangelical left quickly because he was late for a meeting. Then came a Catholic who offered the victim some advice, “It’s not safe to hang around here.”, and then disappeared into the city. Then followed a Christian ‘Wealth Adviser’ walking past with an associate. When the colleague asked the Adviser what they should do for the stabbed victim, he replied , “I don’t want to get involved, I didn’t see anything, it’s his fault he got mugged, I can’t get blood  in my new BMW, how would I explain it to my wife ? These types are always looking for a handout,  let’s go.” Then a certain Political Correctness advocate happened to pass by, who approached the veteran and said, “I’m going to lobby the government about this, and you are a statistic that I can use to get a cushy job sitting in an office tower lobbying, good luck.” and left the man to die.

Lastly a Salvation Army Officer saw the veteran lying in a pool of blood and showed compassion for the man. The good Salvo took the victim to hospital, continued to visit the veteran and support his recovery there, and paid his hospital bills.”

Is this a ‘My Prosperity’ Parable by Jesus ?

Is this a ‘Poverty is a Virtue’ Parable by Jesus ?

This is neither a ‘My Prosperity’ nor ‘Poverty is a Virtue’ Parable.

We will discuss the errors in these dogmas and compare them with Kingdom Commonwealth in the next Parts of this Series.


Keys to Commonwealth

Keys to Commonwealth – 2













Copyright – Craig Holme – 2016.

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