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April 6, 2023

The Holy Spirit inspired the Apostle Paul to refute the arguments of two Groups that opposed the Gospel of Grace.

These were the Judaisers and the Gnostics.

The Judaisers were the main source of contention at Paul’s time of Ministry, and the Gnostics would later begin to influence the Roman Church with their ideas that the Material world was evil which resulted in the Deceptive Monastic Tradition .

The Judaisers were converted Jews who tried to convince the Believers that they should be obeying the Mosaic Law.

This is why Paul stated in Romans 4:13a, CEV, “God PROMISED Abraham and his descendants that he would give them the World.”

This Promise to Abraham destroys the arguments of the Gnostic Poverty Gospel Preachers, who constantly attack the “Prosperity Gospel”.

According to the Gnostic Poverty Advocates, Believers should not own this worlds assets, and their favourite saying is to “Keep the Pastor and his family poor to keep him humble.”

These “Poverty is Holiness” deceivers do not realise that what they are peddling is a form of Gnosticism, and is not the Gospel of Grace.

Unfortunately, what is often fuelling these Poverty Gospel Preachers is excesses and errors amongst some Prosperity Teachers.

The errors arise amongst Prosperity Preachers when the emphasis changes from giving to support Charities, Missions, Homeless Youth & Veterans and Single Mothers, and the wonderful Salvation Army, to giving to manipulate the Pastoral Team to do what the giver wants Eg only sing Hymns and no modern Gospel songs.

It is quite often wealthy givers in a congregation who bring about theses errors and distortions by refusing to allow the Fellowship to support the Homeless or the Salvation Army.

There are also obviously some YouTube Prosperity Teachers who distort the New Covenant purpose for Prosperity being to help the poor and less fortunate, to presenting Giving to God as similar to Casino or Video Game Gambling.

Any Believer who denies that God’s Plan is to Prosper his people, has been influenced by the Gnostic Poverty Gospel and by Eastern Mysticism.

How are we supposed to help the poor if we ourselves are Poverty stricken?

How is it a Good Testimony for a Pastor in India or Africa or Pakistan or Mexico who does not have enough Money to adequately pay for food and clothing for their children, because Hypocritical Poverty Gospel Believers in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand refuse to donate to them, but rather just send them platitudes and well wishes on fb?

Why don’t the Poverty Gospel Western Believers send donations when desperate Pastors in Third World countries beg for help?

The reality is that the Poverty Gospel Believers are not exercising their Faith to INHERIT THE PROMISE, and as a result most of them are broke themselves with barely enough to pay their own bills, whilst they point the finger of Accusation against prominent Ministries and Christian organisations that are succeeding.

There was no argument from the Judaisers about INHERITING THE WORLD, as because they were Jews there was no hypocritical attitude towards God prospering and Blessing his people, but the issue Paul was explaining was, How Are Believers To Inherit The Promise.

The argument against INHERITING THE WORLD came from the Gnostics who believed that the Material World was completely evil.

The Poverty Gospel is totally irreconcilable with Paul’s very clear statement to the Roman Church that God Promised ABRAHAM and his descendants that we would INHERIT THE WORLD.





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Craig Holme



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