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April 7, 2023

We currently have a New Wave of Gnostic Apologists presenting their distorted views on YouTube in particular.

Most of their misguided viewpoints presented by the YouTubers about Gnostic Beliefs have come from so called “Scholars” teaching on Gnosticism at University Institutions.

It is important to realise that many of these “Scholars” are Agnostics, and very few hold Orthodox Christian Beliefs.

So we have the absurd situation where Agnostics and Atheists and other Non-Believers are Lecturing Believers about what Gnosticism is really about, and subsequently many Believers are being deceived as a result.

A primary aim of this Agnostic Agenda to confuse Believers about Gnosticism is to try to denigrate the primacy of the Bishops role in the Early Church.

One so called University Scholar likened to conflict between Orthodox Christianity and Gnosticism to a Horse Race, where in Early Church times Christian Beliefs and Gnosticism were competing on equal terms in a kind of a Horse Race, where any Horse had an equal chance of Winning.

This analogy is used to deceive Believers into thinking Gnostic Beliefs had an equal number of adherents as those of Orthodox Christian Churches, which is completely false.

Early Church Bishops, such as the Bishop of Cyprus, Epiphanius, were very critical of Gnostic Beliefs not because they saw them as an Equal Horse in a Horse Race, but because they were warning the Believers not to be deceived by the Gnostic Heretics who were trying to influence a Minority of Believers.

If Gnosticism had an equal number of adherents as the Early Church, then it would have had a far greater influence on the Roman Empire than it did have.

We have to ask ourselves, what is the purpose of Woke Academic Revisionists essentially accusing Early Church Bishops of being liars in their descriptions of the Gnostic Heresy?

Either the Early Church Fathers are telling the Truth about Gnosticism, or some of the Modern Agnostic University Academics are.

Why are these Revisionist Historians so interested in redefining the Church’s classification of Gnostic Beliefs as Heresy?





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Craig Holme



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