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April 5, 2023

The origins of the Poverty Gospel started with the Gnostics in the Early Church era.

Gnosticism taught that all matter was of itself evil, and that the material world was somehow in opposition to the Spiritual World.

Unfortunately, these Anti-Material ideas influenced the Dogmas and Teaching of the Mainstream Church which eventually resulted in the establishment of Monasteries designed to escape this terrible Material World.

Today we have Self-Proclaimed YouTube Teachers proclaiming the Virtues of the Poverty Gospel and the evils of the “Prosperity Gospel”, and then hypocritically asking for Donations to support their Gnostic Poverty Deception or they will have to “Go Off The Channel”.

Of course, pointing fingers of accusation against prominent Ministers by saying that they are Preaching the “Prosperity Gospel”, has an emotional appeal to those Believers who have been unknowingly influenced by Gnostic teachings.

The battle between the Poverty Gospel and the Prosperity Gospel is really a resurgence of the ideological confrontation between Orthodox Christianity and Heretical Gnosticism.

Has there been excesses in the Teaching of the Prosperity Gospel?

Yes, there have been some Prosperity Teachers who have not presented the correct perspective of what Money should be used for in the Kingdom of God.

Those accusing the Prosperity Teachers, never mention the Orphanages, Free Food Distribution, Emergency Homeless Accommodation, and other Good Works that many of the Ministries are heavily involved with.

The False Prosperity Teachers are those that have No Good Works Programs of their own, or who are not supporting any Good Works Programs by other Ministries.

In reality, the Poverty Preachers are the “Clouds Without Water, that are described by Jude in the New Covenant.

Jude 12, KJVa, “These are spots in your feasts of Charity, “

We can see from this that the early Church conducted Feasts of Charity, which were obviously free to all because “SPOTS” were apostates that also attended.

Who Pays for the Free BBQ’s and Lunches and Dinners that many Churches open up to the Community for Free as an act of Charity or Love, especially during Easter Or Christmas or Lent?

Certainly not the Gnostic Poverty Advocates, because they are usually the type of “SPOTS” that come into Fellowships to try to draw Believers after themselves by Falsely Accusing the leadership of Preaching the so called Prosperity Gospel, and these same Gnostics never contribute anything towards the Fellowships Good Works Programs.

This is what is meant by Jude in Jude 12b , KJV, “When they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear, CLOUDS THEY ARE WITHOUT RAIN,”

These Gnostic Poverty deceivers will feast at the Free BBQ, but they have No Fear of God and as such no respect for the Fellowship Leadership, and will repeat False Accusations about the “Prosperity Gospel” to make themselves appear to be Righteous and to destroy the Believers respect for their own Church Leadership.

The Gnostic Poverty Hypocrites are also often Anti-Holy Spirit Gifts by also Preaching the “Passed Away Deception”, where apparently the Holy Spirit has changed his mind and retrieved all His Gifts because they now “Passed Away”.

The Poverty and Passed Away False Gospels go hand in hand because of the influence of Gnosticism.

It is HILARIOUS that often the Gnostic Poverty Gospel Protestant Proponents will also often Point the Finger of Accusation at the Roman Church, without realising that the Roman Church has actually been the main advocate of the Poverty Delusion since it was influenced by Gnostic beliefs in the Early Church period.

Describing these Gnostic Deceivers Jude continues in Jude 12c, KJV, “Carried about of winds, trees whose Fruit withereth , without fruit , twice dead, plucked up by the roots, “

Without the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, especially His Gifts is a very apt way of describing these Poverty Pretenders.

As soon as a Wolf comes into a Fellowship and starts attacking the Leadership over the “Prosperity Gospel”, they will very soon reveal that they believe that all of the Holy Spirits Gifts have “Passed Away”.

This is why the Gnostic Poverty Woke Deceivers are “Clouds Without Water”.








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