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Faith Vs Ritual Purification

October 17, 2022

Many different Religions and Spiritual Belief Systems hold onto the idea that Ritualism can purify your Soul.

The Rituals vary significantly between the various Belief Systems, but the object of participating in Rituals remains the same.

By repeating Mantras, using Prayer Beads, reciting a Liturgy, or taking Magic Mushrooms, the participant is told that somehow they going to earn Grace Points towards Buying a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven or Reincarnation.

Paul vehemently opposed this Ritualism Deception in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 4:28a, AMP, “For we hold that a man is Justified and made Upright by Faith independent of and distinctly apart from the good deeds of the Works of the Law.”

From this argument that was vigorously debated by Paul with the Religious Hypocrites in the Roman Church, we can clearly see that Paul’s emphasis was on Justification by Faith, and Paul was firmly against Egotistical Ritualism.

Paul exposes the role of the Ego in Ritualism in the previous Verse.

Romans 3:27a, AMP, “Then what becomes of our Pride and our Boasting? It is excluded by being banished and Ruled Out entirely. On the Principles of Ritualism? NO, but in the Principle of Faith.”

Would you like to be Justified by Faith?







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