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How To Receive Faith Credits

October 17, 2022

There are not many Religious people who understand that Faith is Credited to us.

If someone were to say to you, ‘We are going to Credit your Account with $1,000,000’, nobody would say, ‘No Thanks, I’m happy being broke’.

Most of us would respond very positively to an offer of 1 million $, no strings attached.

Yet when we see in Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church that Faith is Credited to us, many REFUSE to Believe it.

Romans 4:5, AMP, “But to one who, not working by the Law, trusts and Believes fully in Him Who justifies the Ungodly, his Faith is CREDITED to him as Righteousness, the Standing acceptable to God.”

As a result of the lack of Religious Instructions nowadays, there is much misunderstanding of “Not working by the Law”, but we can easily recognise what is being explained if we paraphrase it to say, ‘Not participating in the Ritual.’

Faith is Credited as Righteousness to those who trust in Jesus, not to those who try to earn Grace Points through Rituals to buy a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven.

Would you like Faith to be Credited to your Account ?







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