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The Mercy Seat

August 8, 2022

Paul describes the Mercy Seat in his Letter to the Roman Church.

Romans 3:24,25, AMP, “Through the Redemption which is provided in Christ Jesus, Whom God put forward, before the eyes of all, as a MERCY SEAT.”

To break Free from the bondages of Spiritual Legalism, Ritualism, and Liturgical Traditions, we need to understand that Jesus Christ is our Mercy Seat.

Jesus is not a harsh judge sitting up in Heaven waiting for us to make a mistake, and then threatening us with Judgment without Mercy.

There is no need to Pray to the immaculate heart of a Female Deity, because the cold hearted Father God is indifferent or not listening or too busy to care.

Jesus Christ is our Mercy Seat because of the Redemption that is provided in Him, and by His Grace you can receive help in your time of need.

Why did God put forward Jesus Christ as our Mercy Seat?

By describing Jesus as our Mercy Seat, we can see that the Plan of Salvation includes our Rest and Peace by being Seated with Christ.

When you are seated you are in a place of Rest, you are not striving to please God by earning Grace Points by performing Rituals or by perfectly obeying the Mosaic Law.

Would you like to be Seated with Christ?





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