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How To Receive The Promise – Delusion Free

September 7, 2022

Very few Believers understand why Paul focused on Abraham in his Teaching Epistle to the Roman Church.

If more Believers took the time to study Paul’s Teaching about Abraham, we would have far less Ritualism and Liturgical Traditions that contradict Scripture.

Paul knew that the Promise to Abraham was Received by Faith, and not by participating in Rituals or Prayer Beads.

Paul clarifies this in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Firstly, Paul clarifies that the Roman Church has its foundations in Judaism, and not in the Pagan Ritualism of Rome.

Romans 4:1, AMP, “..What shall we say about Abraham, our forefather humanly speaking, what did he find out?”

Paul is stating the the Jewish Patriarch Abraham, is our forefather.

This has significant implications for the Doctrinal Foundation of the Roman Church.

Abraham only Prayed to and Believed in One God, and did not Pray to a Female Mother Of God Deity, neither did he Pray to a multitude of deceased Patriarchs, and neither did he use Prayer Beads.

We indeed need to discover what God revealed to Abraham, and what he subsequently found out.

We also need to understand Abraham’s Position and what was gained by him, Romans 4:1 “What shall we say about Abraham, our forefather humanly speaking, what did he find out? How does this affect his POSITION, and what was GAINED by him?

When we look at the life of Abraham we can see that he sought the Lord’s Promise to prosper him, as did many of the other Jewish Patriarchs.

Abraham viewed Poverty as a Curse, and not something to be desired for its supposed Spiritual Purification purposes.

Where did the Roman Church deviate from the Abrahamic Covenant, to insert the Poverty Delusion?





Would you like to be Delusion Free?


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