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The Investigative Judgement

August 6, 2022

The Investigative Judgement is a horrible heresy designed to confuse Believers about the Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ, and is promoted by the Ellen White Cult.

Ellen G. White became prominent with a small group of Christians by promoting Prophetic Dates for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the 1800’s, which were obviously proven to be false.

Rather than admit the errors of her Prophetic Dates, Ellen White decided to be involved with inventing a New Doctrine called the Investigative Judgement, to create a cover up for the failed prophecies.

The Investigative Judgement puts Believers in a constant state of uncertainty.

Ellen White is quoted as saying in ‘Signs of the Times’ on February 8, “We are never to Rest in a satisfied condition…saying “I am Saved”…THEY PERVERT THE TRUTH”

The key words here that reveal the deceptive nature of Ellen White’s writings are “We are NEVER TO REST”.

All Cults and Pseudo Spiritualism base their Beliefs on Ego driven Ritualism and Legalism, and therefore are opposed to Resting in the Salvation offered freely by the Grace of Jesus Christ.

The Investigative Judgement is proposing another form of Salvation based on following the works of the Law, which is a clear contradiction of the Plan of Salvation revealed in the New Covenant.

Ellen White continues, “They declare that we have only to Believe on Jesus Christ and that FAITH is all sufficient;”

This contradicts and opposes the Gospel of Grace that says that we are Saved by Faith through the Grace of Jesus.

Ellen White is making a distinction between the beliefs of her Cult and that of Evangelical Believers by further stating in Signs of the Times, “that the Righteousness of Christ is to be the Sinner’s credentials. This class claim that CHRIST came to Save Sinners, and that He has Saved them….But are they Saved …..No…”

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