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Ellen White Deception Exposed

March 29, 2022

The problem with the SDA spiritual leader Ellen White saying in ‘Desire of the Ages’ that it was decided by God in the Councils in Heaven that it must be that time will be given for Satan to develop the principles which were his System of Government,

is that this takes the fight out of the Body of Christ.

This bizarre deception reduces Spiritual Warfare to the level of Spiritual Games, where we are all the observers of a Pre-Written Script, and all we can do is sit back and watch it play out.

If God has ordained that Satan has all the time he wants to develop his system of Government, then to fight against the Satanic Spiritual Government System would be to fight against the Council of Heaven , for the Council has ordained Satan’s right to build his Evil System of Government.

This reduces the Christian to a passive observer , sitting in a nice air conditioned Commentator box,

The Ellen White Deception is leading Believers to think that there is nothing we can do about this present evil Satanic Spiritual System because it’s all ordained by God’s Heavenly Council and revealed in Prophecy .

This is the aim of the EW deception, and it has its roots in the MILLER false prophecy about the Lords Return.

The idea being replicated in subtlety by EW is that this current System of Government has gone beyond Redemption and therefore all we can do is go stand on a hill en masse and wait for the Lords imminent Return , passive observers incapable of doing anything constructive to change the situation.

This type of deception stops CHRISTIANS from getting actively involved in any form of Government or Political Advocacy ,

because we can’t fight against the Satanic System of Government because it’s “ordained by God”

This as you well know, allows Communism and other forms of Totalitarianism to take over unopposed .

The same type of error has unfortunately infiltrated many
Protestant Churches,

Also ,
If God allowed Satan time to develop his System of Government, this would make the Flood totally unjust.

No, the corruption that Satan brought to the earth and to the fallen Angels was of his own making and his own rebellious choice against the Will of God and the Councils of Heaven.





Copyright Omega Course . Craig Holme

All International Rights Reserved


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