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Changing of the Guards by Bob Dylan – Inspirational

March 27, 2022

One of the most mysterious songs by Bob Dylan is Changing of the Guards.

It opens with, “Sixteen years, Sixteen banners united over the field, Where the Good Shepherd grieves, Desperate men, Desperate Women divided, Spreading their Wings ‘neath the falling leaves,”

In todays Politically Correct Western Society we see Men and Women increasingly divided emotionally and painfully over trifling and very deceptive issues.

The desperation for Self-fulfilment has created an epidemic of Narcissism.

The very people who are accusing others of being Narcissistic, are themselves excessively interested in only what directly benefits them.

This Selfishness has pushed the divide between men and women to the point where the Love a man has for his wife is now seen as an expression of Patriarchal oppression.

The Changing of the Guard may be interpreted as representing an ominous warning that a rejection of Traditional Values in favour of ‘Cancel Culture’ hysteria will mean a descent into a hellish nightmare.

The Song continues, “Fortune calls, I stepped forth from the Shadows to the Marketplace, Merchants and thieves, hungry for power, my last deal gone down, She’s smelling sweet like the meadows where she was born, on Midsummers eve near the tower.”

If you want to gain the favour of the maiden you are seeking, you may need to disconnect from your Shadow Self, and step out into the Marketplace without fear.

Your Fortune will call when you decide to stop Playing the submissive Labrador Card to appear like a New Age Male to women you admire, when you know that you really are more suited to Playing the German Shepherd Card.

Which Card are you Playing to Win the Game of Life?





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