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Grace Vs Externalisation

April 2, 2022

Carl Jung wrote in ‘Psychology and Religion’, “The externalisation of life turns to incurable suffering, because no one can understand why he should suffer from himself…..That is the sickness of Western man…”

We cannot cure our Suffering that is caused by externalisation if we are not prepared to recognise the cause.

Essentially, we can agree that externalisation causes suffering that is incurable, if we base our lives from the externalisation perspective.

Externalisation essentially means that we are placing all of our value on external things.

For example, if our favourite football team is winning, then we feel like a winner, but if it starts losing then we feel like that we ourselves are losers.

Unfortunately, the Humanities Departments in Western Universities have been taken over by Post-Modernism, which has created a Youth Culture of Blame and Bitterness, because inward Spiritual Development has been rejected.

If our inward Spiritual Development does not keep pace with our external pursuit of Material things, we will become desperately unhappy.

Would you like to experience inward Happiness and Peace ?





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