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Have You Received The Promise?

March 25, 2022

Most Believers are unaware that there is a Promise to Abraham that we are supposed to Receive by Faith.

Still other Believers say, ‘If God wants me to have the Promise to Abraham, then it’s up to Him to give it to me.’

How do we Receive the Promise to Abraham?

At the time of the Apostle Paul’s writing to the Roman Church, the Believers has not yet become deceived by the ‘Poverty IS Holiness’ delusion, so Paul could speak plainly about the Promise.

The hypocritical idea that Catholic Monks should take a Vow of Poverty, and hide away in a Monastery was not yet adopted by the Church from Buddhist Monks, as this came later.

When Paul was writing to the Roman Church, the culture of the Church still was very much influenced by its Jewish Heritage.

As a result, the main controversy was over the Spiritual Battle between the Gospel of Grace and Religious Ritualism.

The Issue that was being debated at the time was whether the Believers needed to adopt elements of the Mosaic Law to be Right with God and therefore Receive the Promise to Abraham.

Would you like to Receive the Promise to Abraham?





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