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What was the Promise to Abraham?

March 20, 2022

The Promise to Abraham makes total sense to Jews, but to most of the Church it is completely incomprehensible.

To understand the Promise to Abraham you have to put aside all preconceived Religious Dogmas and Ritualistic ideas.

The Promise to Abraham directly contracts the idea that Poverty is a sign of Holiness.

The Promise opposes the ridiculous nonsense that to be truly Spiritual you need to hide in a Monastery and devote yourself to Prayer and abstinence of all worldly goods and pleasures.

To overcome the ‘Poverty is Holiness’ deception, we need to understand the Jewish Roots of the Gospel.

What Promise did God make to Abraham?

Did God say to Abraham, ‘I will make you extremely poor so that you will become Holy?’.

The shocking Truth is that God promised Abraham the opposite of the Medieval Hypocritical beliefs in Monks and Monasteries.

Unfortunately some of the Medieval Church came under the influence of Buddhist ideas about Monks living lives of total abstinence to better devote themselves to Spiritual purposes.

Paul clarifies the Promise to Abraham in his Letter to the Roman Church, Romans 4:13, “For the PROMISE that he would be the Heir of the World was not to Abraham or to his Seed through the Law, but through the Righteousness of Faith.”

The Promise to Abraham was that he would be the Heir of the World by Faith.

Notice that Paul does not apologise or make excuses for saying Heir of the World, like some modern PC Ministers would try to do.

Would you like to Receive the Promise?







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  1. Precisely poeverty is not a sign of holiness.
    It’s a curse its not a blessing.
    God owns everything and he blesses His Children with good gifts

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