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Grace Vs Herd Morality

March 26, 2022

Herd Morality can best be described as an amoral Morality that has been created by the Political Correctness Agenda.

In Western Society, the Mainstream media are being used to brainwash particularly the younger generation, with a Herd Morality that is the antithesis of Christian Morality.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in Western Society have been persuaded to adopt and believe in value judgements of what is supposedly good and evil, and as such have rejected the Biblical concept of Good and Evil.

The German philosopher Nietzsche talked about this trend towards an ‘anti-natural morality’ which ‘turns against the instincts of life’, although his perspective was not Christian, but he could foresee the dangers of ‘Herd Morality’.

Nietzsche raises the Question; “Why has an ‘anti-natural morality’ – a poison which has spread through the entire body of mankind – gained dominion over Western Civilisation ?’ in his ‘On the Genealogy of Morality.’

As a result of rejecting Biblical Morality, a vacuum was generated which created the opportunity for people to unquestionably accept the demoralising Political Correctness delusion, despite the well known warnings in George Orwell’s classic novel ‘1984’.

The Grace of Jesus provides us with a way out of the hellish nightmare portrayed in ‘1984’ that we seem to be fast heading into.

To Receive the Grace of Jesus we need to decide to reject the current Herd Morality.

In Paul’s Letter to the Galatians in 3:6 AMP, we can see that Abraham was faced with a similar choice,”Just as Abraham believed God, and it was it was credited to him as Righteousness (Right Standing with God).

In this context it does not mean that Abraham woke up one morning and suddenly said that he is going to believe in God today.

Abraham decided to believe in Gods way of doing things this was entirely opposed to the Cultural Chaos of his time, and this is the reason he was declared in Right Standing with God.

Abraham discovered that Believing in God put him in Right Standing with God, but at the same time placed him in Conflict with the ‘Herd Morality’.

Would you like to be in Right Standing with God?






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