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Bittersweet Symphony – Money Game

November 18, 2020

There is a poignant and moving reference to being a Money Slave in the opening lines of this wonderful song by The Verve,

“Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony this life

Trying to make ends meet, you’re a slave to the money

then you die”

Life can be bittersweet at times, and there is no point being resentful about it, and holding onto grudges.

When it comes to Money, if we Play the Victim Card we will always be a Slave to Money.

If we see making Money as our part of the Money Game, we can look at it more objectively, and less emotionally, and have more fun with it.

You do not have to play the Role of a Slave in the Money Game. Anyone can change the Rules of the Money Game, and start Winning.

You can stop being a Slave to Money by first realising that you have power over Money, it does not control you. As soon as you understand this you can begin the process of making Money work for you.

When I was at University I very much had a mindset that I was a Slave to Money, and this created an attitude of indignation and irritation towards those with more Money than I had. If you think that Money controls you it seems unfair that others have more than you do.

But if you think that you can control Money, your Goal is to Win the Money Game. By adding to this a willingness to help others develop a Winning attitude, and you will compound your level of success.

In my first year at Uni I was completely blind to this, as the idea of a Money Game was like an unknown foreign language to me.

By creating an inner successful picture of yourself you activate the Law of Attraction, and you start learning how to Win the Game of Life. However, almost all discussions of the Law of Attraction leave out the Bittersweet Symphony. There can be no success without overcoming various struggles and pain.

Most ‘Attraction Experts’ try to make it look like following their Formulas and Mantras will mean an end of challenges and obstacles in your life, whereas the opposite is true.

The only way to achieve the Success you are looking for is to learn how to turn your bittersweet dramas around by choosing not to be discontented with your current Stage of Game.

Copyright- Omega Course- Craig Holme- All Rights Reserved – 2020/2021/2022

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