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Grace Vs Cancel Culture

November 21, 2020

The Missing Key in most peoples understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer,

“Give us this Day, our Daily Bread”

is How to Receive our Provision from Heaven.

There are two extremes of Theology Teaching have created fallacies, which totally distort the clear instruction in the Holy Scripture as to the Biblical Plan for Financial Provision and all forms of Daily Bread. These errors open the door for the insidious Ant-Western Cultural indoctrination program prevalent in some Theological Seminaries.

1 – Poverty is Holiness

2 – Prosperity is only for My Benefit.

When we look at what the Scriptures plainly Teach about Provision and Prosperity, it is obvious that you would need a Politically Correct Professor of Theology to confuse you with ‘Cancel Culture’ hysterical nonsense, to not understand the Message of Jesus.

In Luke Ch6V20-21 Jesus said,

“Then he looked up at his Disciples and said,

‘Blessed are you who are poor,”

The PC pedlars of Cancel Culture indoctrination misinterpret this as an anti-Capitalist rant from Jesus, where he was supposedly inciting Class Warfare against those Jews and Romans who were in the Government and were wealthy at the time.

This is not how most of Jesus Disciples would have interpreted this statement, being mainly Small Business operators and a Tax Collector. The exception being the rebel Judas, who likely misconstrued the reference to ‘Blessed poor’ as a revolutionary inducement. We can understand WHY Judas later betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver, when we realise that his motivation was not greed, as he thought his treachery was justified because of his PC Agenda. Judas’s ideas were the equivalent of the perfidy of Theological Professors today who have substituted the Gospel of Grace for cloaked utopian idealism.

Obviously Jesus was not saying here that Poverty is a sign of the Blessing of Heaven, neither was he saying that the poor need to rise up with violence and shake off their oppressors. The proof of this is in Pilate’s later exclamation that he finds no guilt in Jesus. If Jesus was teaching Revolutionary War and advocating Cancel Culture type rhetoric, there would have been a lot of evidence to convict him.

Jesus continues, “For Yours is the Kingdom of God.”

To the religious hypocrite this means Pie in the Sky, ‘You are poor now, and there is nothing you can do about it because money is evil, but wait until you get to Heaven and all your needs will be met’. Those trying to proselytize Theological Students with Big Brother PC Culture, react against this duplicity and use it’s deception and falsity to gain adherents.

However, to the Believer this promise of the Kingdom of God is for the nasty here and now.

“Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled.”

What motivated the zealots who were in the crowds listening to Jesus and trying to decide if He was the leader that they were looking for, was their hatred for the Pharisees and Scribes as phoney religious impostors. They thought, ‘for you will be filled’ meant ‘rise up in rebellion and steal what you need’. In the same way Cancel Culture tries to characterise all Christian leaders as money hungry pretenders, and unfortunately most people are deceived by this.

We should not be surprised at the Spiritual Battle between the Gospel of Grace and the Big Brother Cancel Culture Agenda, as we can see this being portrayed in Judas in all four of the Gospels.

“Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh”

Here Jesus is not saying, ‘Its a Sign of your holiness now that you are weeping, and because of your misery you will laugh in the hereafter’.

Of course we will be happy and merry in Heaven, but Jesus was giving them hope for the now. The Jews at the time mostly believed that the Kingdom of God was to manifest the Abrahamic Blessing upon their lives in the here and now. The Jews would never have believed the Poverty is Holiness Gospel preached to the Church for the past 1200+ years, because it contradicts their belief in the Blessing of Abraham and the Kingdom of God.

Jesus was Teaching from a Jewish perspective, which firmly believed that provision was an essential part of the Blessing of the Kingdom.

Copyright – Craig Holme – Omega Course – All Rights Reserved – 2020/2021/2022/2023

Grace Vs Social Justice Utopia

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