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How To Overcome Guilt – 3

April 28, 2023

The Woke Agenda gains power and influence over people in Western nations mainly because of the psychological issue of unresolved Guilt.

The Psychologist Offices are full of Believers and Agnostics and Atheists who cannot resolve their Guilt issues over mistakes from the past.

Unresolved Guilt leads to Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Gambling Addictions, Depression and Anxiety and a variety of other Psychological problems. .

Paul addresses the issue of Guilt in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 4:1, AMP, “But if so, what shall we say about Abraham, our forefather humanly speaking- WHAT DID HE FIND OUT? How does this affect his position, and What was GAINED by him?

Few Believers understand that Paul was referring to his Revelation that Justification means “established as Just by ACQUITTAL FROM GUILT”.

Abraham found out How to be Acquitted from Guilt.

Romans 4:2, AMP, “For if Abraham was JUSTIFIED, established as Just by ACQUITTAL from GUILT by good works that he did, then he has grounds for boasting. But not before God!”

Would you like to be Acquitted from Guilt ?





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