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Faith Upholds The Law – 1

April 29, 2023

Paul explains in his Epistle to the Roman Church that Faith CONFIRMS , ESTABLISHES, and UPHOLDS the Mosaic Law.

This comes as a Shock to some Believers who have become corrupted by the Woke Agenda indoctrination campaign to legitimise immorality.

Unfortunately the Roman Church is currently being led by Pope Francis who is departing from the Moral Standards set by previous Pope’s in an attempt to appease the totalitarian demands of Political Correctness, which are being enforced by the Woke Agenda Thought Police.

In Romans 3:31, AMP, “Do we then by this FAITH make the LAW of no effect, overthrow it or make it a dead Letter? CERTAINLY NOT! On the contrary, we CONFIRM and ESTABLISH and UPHOLD the Law.”





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