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Why Does The Ego Oppose Faith?

July 31, 2022

In the Middle Ages it became very popular for European Ritualism and Liturgical Traditions to sell ‘Indulgences’.

Unfortunately the Roman Church became seriously corrupted by presenting the idea that one’s own Guilt of Sin, or that of a deceased relative, could be paid for and thereby absolved, by an Indulgence sold by Agents of the Papacy.

What many people don’t realise is that the concept of offering Indulgences underlies many different Religious Traditions, all competing to Buy a Ticket to Heaven or Nirvana or Valhalla.

It is remarkable how many people point out the Sins of the Roman Church, when their own Religious Tradition or Political Correctness Dogma is doing the same thing in a different form.

Why is the Ego enticed by the idea of paying for an Indulgence to be Guilt Free?

Paul addresses this issue about the Ego in his Letter to the Roman Church.

Romans 3:27 AMP Paraphrased, “What then becomes of our Ego based Pride and Boasting? It is excluded, by being banished and ruled out entirely. On what Principle? On the Principle of doing good deeds by performing Rituals and Liturgical Traditions? No, but on the Principle of Faith.”

Your unyielded Ego does not want to give up its right to Pride and Boasting about performing in the Spiritual Olympics, whether it is Meditation Techniques, Yoga, Prayer Beads, Offering Incense to idols, or other forms of Indulgences.

Paul illustrates this further in Romans 3:28, AMP Paraphrased, “For we hold that a man is Justified, ie Just As If I Had Never Sinned, and made Upright by Faith, independent of and distinctly apart from the good deeds of Ritualism and Liturgical Traditions and the works of the Mosaic Law.”

We need to understand that Spiritual Legalism can manifest as a Ritual or a Liturgical Ordinance or the observance of Religious Laws.

Egotistical Pride does not care which form of Legalism that gives it an opportunity to boast, and to appear ‘More Equal Than Others’, as George Orwell coined the term in his Classic ‘Animal Farm’.

Paul continues in Romans 3:28, AMP Paraphrased, “The Observance of the Law or Ritualism or Liturgical Traditions, has nothing to do with Justification.”

The unrepentant Ego cannot accept the clarification and Revelation by Paul, because Justification by Faith eliminates the need for Pride and Boasting, and for fancy purple and red robes, and exposes the Weekend Transcendental Meditation Retreat as a delusion.

In fact, all kinds of Egotistical Ritualism become violently opposed to being exposed by Justification by Faith, and are even willing to go so far as an Inquisition, in the same way that Joseph Stalin eliminated his enemies.

Would you like to be Justified by Faith ?





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