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Why Do We Try To Pay For Grace?

July 30, 2022

There are all forms of Religious Ritualism and Liturgical Traditions that are essentially trying to pay for the Grace of God.

“There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold and She’s buying a Stairway to Heaven” is the opening line of the popular Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to Heaven”.

This aptly describes how many people think that they can buy their way into Heaven.

You cannot earn Grace points by performing any type of Liturgy based Ritual, because all the Grace that we ever need is a Free Gift from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul illustrates this in his Letter to the Roman Church to defeat the arguments of the ‘Earn your way to Heaven’ Legalists.

Romans 3:24 AMP, “All are Justified and made Upright and in Right Standing with God, FREELY and gratuitously by His Grace..”

Notice that Paul does not say, ‘Some are justified, but they are the special few who have used Secret Meditation techniques, and have carried Statues of Spiritual People in processions, and have lit candles and prayed to these identities, and taken Magic Mushrooms, and these are the Mystical Elite who know that all that glitters is gold and can afford to buy their way into Heaven, because they’ve earned enough Grace Points, but as for the rest of you it’s back to the Ritual Treadmill to see if you qualify.’

No, Paul could not have made it clearer to the Roman Church, “All are Justified… His Grace.”

Trying to buy the Grace of God by earning Grace Points performing Religious Rituals is a pointless and futile waste of time, but people get caught up in it because the vain hope of purchasing Grace appeals to the Ego.

This is why some Mainstream Religions get very defensive about defending their Rituals and Liturgical Traditions, no matter how absurd they are.

The Priest or Monk may tell the devotees to repeat a Mantra or Specific Prayer Formula six times, then light three candles plus offer incense to the idol or statue, and this will cause the followers Sins to be forgiven, and only then they might qualify to achieve Nirvana, but this will depend upon their Karma, and many people get deceived by this because their Ego wants to earn Redemption.

Paul overcomes the demands of the Ego by explaining to the Roman Church that Redemption is provided by Jesus Christ, and not earned, so you cannot but indulgences for you own Sins or spring a relative out of Purgatory.

Romans 3:24 AMP, “Through the Redemption which is Provided in Christ Jesus”

We Receive this Redemption by Faith in Jesus Christ through His Grace.

All we have to do is Believe that we have been Redeemed by Jesus Christ.

Egotistical Motivational Gurus try to counter this Revealing of Grace by Paul, by convincing their gullible audiences that their Secret Formula is the Magical Wand that will open the Heavens, with the proviso that the price is paid by attending the Weekend Meditation Retreat.

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour we are immediately made to be in Right Standing with God, because of the Redemption which is provided by Jesus, and not through any Ritual that we may perform.

Would you like to Freely Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ?

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