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Unlock Your Potential – By Faith

May 9, 2022

Most Believers know that we become Born Again by Faith in Jesus Christ, but few have been taught How to Live by Faith.

If you don’t know How to Live by Faith, you will not be able to Unlock your full Potential.

All of us have Gifts and abilities that have been given to us by our Father God, that are currently dormant because we are not activating them by Faith.

Paul discusses this in his Letter to the Roman Believers in Romans 1:17 , “As it is written, The man who through Faith is just and upright shall live, and shall live by Faith.”

By Faith we receive Salvation by Jesus Christ through Grace, but we then need to learn How to Live by this Faith.

Paul made a String Point of saying that we SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.

Notice Paul did not say that we Shall Live by Religious Traditions, or that we Shall Live by the Mosaic Law, or that we Shall Live by Prayer Beads and Chanting, or that We Shall Live by Meditation Rituals and Cleansing our Chakra.

Faith is a Way of Life, and Paul describes this Faith Life in Romans 1:17 , “Both springing from Faith and leading to Faith, as disclosed through the Way of Faith that arouses to more Faith.”

God chose Paul to Reveal the Way of Faith to the Roman Church because of his Jewish background.

Paul had a great understanding of the life of Abraham in the Old Covenant, and illustrated to the Roman Believers how Abraham received the Promise by Walking in Faith, and not by Religious Ritualism.

The Apostle Paul taught us How to Live by the Principles of the Way of Faith throughout his very insightful and Holy Spirit inspired Letter to the Roman Church.

God also chose Kenneth Hagin to Reveal the Way of Faith to the modern Church, because we have lost the understanding of How to Live by Faith because of Religious Formalism.

Kenneth Hagin stated, “If what you hear Preached doesn’t cause Faith to come and build Faith in your spirit, then it either isn’t the Word of God or else you’re not hearing it.”

Learning the Faith Life is essential to Unlocking your True Potential, because the Faith of Christ is the Key that unlocks the door to your hidden talents.

Most of our talents remain suppressed because we have talked ourselves out of Believing that we could successfully develop that Gift.

Many young people have hidden Gifts in playing Musical Instruments and Singing, or Sports, or certain School or University Subjects, or Carpentry or Mechanics, or helping and encouraging others to succeed, but these are gradually locked away in the young persons subconscious mind, because of the ridicule or negativity of family members or other School or University friends.

There is no shortage of people everywhere in Western Society who will try to discourage you from developing your hidden talents because of their jealousy and envy, especially in our Universities.





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