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Unlock Your Potential

May 8, 2022

The only way that you can realise your Full Potential is to become Free of Self Loathing and Self Doubt.

Most of us listen to what other people say about us, and the problem with this is that our PC Culture has taught us to be jealous and envious of other peoples Success or Happiness.

You are never going to Unlock your Potential by listening to other people, especially those who are being indoctrinated by Doublethink.

To truly and completely accept ourselves, we have to know that we are Loved by our Creator, our Father God.

Once you know that you are Loved and accepted because of the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will not care about any negative or spiteful things that others may say about you.

Some people respond to this by saying that they have made too many mistakes in life, so God couldn’t possibly Love them.

You cannot achieve your Full Potential if you are focusing on your weaknesses, mistakes and failures.

Paul deals with this in his Letter to the Roman Believers by saying that the Gospel reveals a New Way to be Right with God, which does not hold our mistakes and failures against us.

Romans 1:17 AMP , “For in the Gospel a Righteousness which God ascribes is REVEALED,”

If this New Way of being Right With God is now being REVEALED in the Gospel, it means that the Old Way of being Right by following Religious Laws, is now being superseded.

You don’t need to have lived a perfect life to now become Right With God through Believing the Gospel.

If you become Right With God you can accomplish anything by unlocking your unrealised potential.

You don’t need to connect with your Dark Side, and you don’t need 6 hours of Transcendental Meditation, and you definitely don’t need Hypnosis, or Magic Mushrooms or any Psychedelics or Meth, or Striking it lucky with Sports Gambling or Pokies or the Casino.

You need to know beyond any Shadow of doubt, that you are Loved and completely accepted by our Father God because of the Grace of Jesus.

How do we Receive this New Way of being Right with God to Unlock our Potential?

Paul reveals to Secret to being Right with God, Romans 1:17 AMP , “..Both springing from Faith and leading to Faith, disclosed through the Way of Faith that arouses to more Faith.“

To Receive this New Way to Unlock your Potential, all you need to do is to Believe that Right Standing with God has been given to you as a Gift by the Grace of Jesus.

You Receive the Gift of Right Standing with God by Faith through the Grace of Jesus Christ.

You cannot earn Right Standing with God by competing in the Spiritual Olympics.




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