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Grace Vs Sin Consciousness

January 25, 2022

When we receive the Grace of Jesus Christ we no longer have a sense of Condemnation over our Sins and Mistakes.

This does not mean that those who Teach the Gospel of Grace are giving people a License to freely Sin.

On the contrary, the Grace of Jesus Christ is the only way to overcome Sin.

Yielding to the Grace of Jesus Christ empowers us to overcome a Sin Consciousness.

Those with a Sin Consciousness believe that they can never really please God, because He is constantly reminding us about our failures, weaknesses and Sins.

Spiritual Legalism promotes and Teaches Sin Consciousness.

The only temporary remedy being recommended is Disciplined Ritualism, or ‘Transcendental Magical Mystical Meditation, or other forms of the Law of Sin and Death.

Paul clarifies this in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, AMP, Ch2:17, “But if in our desire and endeavour to be Justified in Christ”

Paul is talking about his DESIRE to be Justified in Christ, which means he wants to be ‘Just As If I have never sinned’.

The Sin Conscious Practitioners are focused on their weaknesses and failures, and their Ritualistic Formulas, instead of on the Grace of Christ.

Paul continues, Galatians 2:17 AMP, “to be declared Righteous and put in Right Standing with God wholly and solely through Christ”

Here Paul is making it abundantly clear again that there is No Other Way to be in Right Standing with God other than by Faith in Jesus Christ.

God is not sitting up in Heaven holding out on us because we are imperfect Sinners.

God has made the Way through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross for us to be perfectly restored to Right Standing by Faith in Christ.

Notice Paul did not say, ‘If Faith in Christ fails, then try to appease God through Religious Ritualism and Observances, and if even that fails don’t forget to read your Horror-scope, because we never know what tragedy may lie around the corner.’

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ?





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