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Grace Vs Astrology

January 22, 2022

People get attracted to Astrology because they want to know their destiny.

Astrology gains control over people’s emotions through the power of Auto-Suggestion.

The Astrology says, “I can see that you are in for turbulent times in April and May, but the skies will clear in June. You will get that job you’ve applied for, but you will get fired. Your current relationship will go sour very quickly.”

By believing that our friendships, occupations, business dealings, and our entire lives are predetermined by the Stars, we place ourselves in a very vulnerable position to be deceived.

You determine your own success or failure by what you Believe.

Your Future is not predetermined by the Stars or Tarot Cards or Luck.

Grace empowers us to Believe in our own future.

When we encounter the Grace of Jesus Christ we realise that our personality and emotional characteristics and predispositions are not determined by our Star Sign.

Star Signs are a Spiritual Hoax designed to entice and deceive the most gullible.

Grace fills your Heart with the Faith of Jesus Christ, and you are no longer fearful or uncertain about your future, so you don’t have any need for Tarot Trickery.

Someone said, “Yes, but what the Astrologer said to me came true, my Stars foretold a serious accident, and I had a car crash the very next day, where I was injured and had to go to hospital. How do you explain that?”

Through Auto-Suggestion we can activate Curses by the things that we Say and Believe, especially through the Fear of what we think we are going to lose.

If you Speak Out and Believe the things told to you by ‘Fortune Tellers’ you by consent give those Curses power over your life.

Even if the Astrologer is saying the Tarot is predicting Good Fortune, it will be laced with Fear and Anguish, because the Next Card could spell doom.

You can break any Curses placed or Spoken over your life, by yielding to the Grace of Jesus Christ and Speaking out the Word of God by Faith.

Would you like to be Free of all Curses?






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