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Roman Revelations – Guilt Free

November 30, 2020

The Revelation of Righteousness as revealed by the Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans, is actually the Remedy for the plague of guilt and condemnation that many people suffer from. The psychologist’s and psychiatrist’s offices are filled with Believers with unresolved guilt issues.

A Sin Consciousness will make believers focus on their own shortcomings and failures. You will have a vexed and contentious attitude if you have a Sin Consciousness which will cause a complete misinterpretation of the Revelations given to Paul in the Book of Romans. As such, Romans is one of the most misunderstood Books in the entire Bible.

Romans Ch1V17AMP

“For in the Gospel the Righteousness of God is Revealed,”

Therefore we can deduce from this statement that the Righteousness of God was not fully revealed before the Gospel was preached, and also that the purpose of the Gospel is to reveal the Righteousness of God. Our understanding of the word Righteousness is now blurred because of the Big Brother Thought Police, but it simply means Right Standing with God which is what the heart of the Believer inherently desires. The Thought Police deride the concept Righteousness as Self Righteousness, as exhibited by pompous, hypocritical believers. Elements of modern western culture has reinforced the stereotype of the sanctimonious, holier than thou, bible thumping religious fanatic.

When I was at University I joined a Discipleship group that had regular one to one Bible Studies on Uni grounds, from which I benefited greatly. But I noticed that if I carried my Bible to these discipleship sessions I was treated with disdain and contemptuous derision by my non-believing friends if I happen to meet them on the way. The Bible became to me a fascinating book full of rich spiritual wisdom, and I soon realised that all my preconceived ideas about it being a manual for the smug and priggish were absolutely wrong. The hostility intensified greatly if I tried to explain even the lyrical beauty of the Psalms, let alone the hidden secrets of the Roman Revelations.

When I asked my unbelieving friends why they were so condescending towards the Bible, the usual response was along these lines,

“I met a Jehovahs Witness, (Or Mormon, Christadelphian, etc), who told me that I was a terrible sinner who deserves hell and punishment, so I detest the Bible. Plus our Theology Lecturer has exposed the Bible as unreliable”.

These cults have one thing in common, they have a complete misconception of how to attain Right Standing with God as revealed by Paul.

Romans Ch1V17AMP ,

“For in the Gospel the Righteousness of God is REVEALED,

Both springing from Faith and leading to Faith

(disclosed in a way that awakens more Faith)

So we can see that Right Standing with God is obtained by Faith, and not by following a strict religious sets of rules. This immediately eliminates the need for most religious observances and rituals, and is the real reason why Righteousness by Faith as the Gift of Grace is rarely taught or understood.

Copyright – Omega Course – Craig Holme – All Rights Reserved – 2020/2021/2022/2023

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