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Roman Revelations

November 29, 2020

Roman Revelation – Spartacus

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

To gain an understanding of  the Book of Romans gives you the Keys to unlocking the Secrets of the Kingdom of God and the Commonwealth of Believers.

Notice the way Paul opens the Epistle, “Paul, a Servant of Jesus Christ”. Did Paul open his Epistle to the Romans by saying ,”Paul, a PhD in Theology, my superior education at Oxford and Harvard entitle me to be the purveyor of correct Doctrine.”

There is nothing wrong with gaining University Degrees, but Paul introduced himself using the word servant, which was a powerful illustration for those in Rome. In our egalitarian society it is difficult to grasp what it meant to be a servant or slave in ancient Rome. It was a brave statement for Paul to call himself a Servant of Jesus Christ, it wasn’t just a trite remark as it would be in our day.

To comprehend this fully one…

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