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Kingdom Culture – Master Key

August 9, 2020

How do we enter the Kingdom of God?

The Master Key to enter the Kingdom of God is Faith in Jesus Christ. There is No other Way. Our Father God has established that Faith in His Son Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Saviour, is the Only way that you can gain entrance to the Majestic Kingdom of God.

However, some Believers have completely missed the point of The Lords Prayer where Jesus said, “. “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven,”

We have thought of the Kingdom of God as some future place in Heaven that we can access only after we die. Whereas very clearly Jesus is saying that we are to Pray that the Kingdom of God will come on Earth.

This obviously changes everything, but the Religious Hypocrites do not like to have an earthly obligation, so the focus of the Gospel has become predominantly ‘Pie in the Sky’. If we decide to accept and Believe what Jesus is saying about the Kingdom of God, we then understand that the Faith Master Key can unlock all the Blessings of the Kingdom of God in the nasty here and now.

The Master Key of Faith opens the Door to Grace, Love, Peace, Hope and the Holy Spirit. Faith in Jesus empowers you to overcome all opposition, negative emotions, drug Addictions, Gambling issues, Porn Addiction, Sexual Sins, and anything else that is trying to drag you down.

So Why don’t More Christians walk in the Blessings of the Kingdom of God ? The stumbling block for some people is that the Kingdom is Not a Democracy. In many Churches Believers vote Pastors in and out of their roles. If the Pastor says something that contradicts the prevailing Counter Culture brainwashing, then the Congregation can vote the Pastor out. This has caused the demise of many denominations as Pastors become too scared to Speak the Truth for fear of offending someone who will vote against them.

It comes as a major shock to many Believers when they find out that they don’t have Voting Rights in the Kingdom of God. Our task is not to Vote to give our approval or dismissal of Kingdom Legislation which comes from our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to follow the Commands of the King of Kings, by Believing in the Word of God.

By Faith in the Revealed Word you will be able to experience the Full Blessings of the Kingdom. But, if you decide to Vote against any tenet of the Word by refusing to Believe it, the Door to the benefits of that Kingdom Legislation will be Blocked to you. For example, some Believers acknowledge that Jesus has Saved them from Sin, but refuse to believe that Jesus is their Healer and Provider and Righteousness. These Believers have decided to Vote against Healing, Provisions, and Right Standing with God.

The Good News is that our Sovereign Lord is not going to remove any of the Blessings of the Kingdom, just because some Rebellious Saints decide to Vote against them.

We don’t need Voting Rights in the Kingdom of God because our Sovereign Lord has already made all things in the Kingdom perfect for us. The Kingdom Legislation does not need to be improved, it just has to be Believed.

This is Part 2 of our Kingdom Culture Course.

Copyright Reserved – Craig Holme –

Omega Course – 2020/21/22/23 .

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