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Spiritual Healing – Emotional Pain

September 10, 2020

Would you like to be Healed of your Emotional Pain?

Many of us are carrying around emotional wounds from our past, these have resulted from parental conflicts, separations and divorce, family conflicts, business failures, and also a failure to forgive ourselves for past mistakes.

It’s our own personal issues regarding listening to our Inner Critic that tend to be the cause of much of our emotional pain. The Inner Critic wants to point out how you failed to live up to your own standards, and we tend to relive these mistakes over and over again with video replays in our mind.

It is generally a mistake to talk to others about your failures because they may agree with your Inner Critic. Before you discuss the negativity of the Inner Critic with others, it is vital to learn how to disengage from the incessant fault finding of the Inner Critic.

Switching off the Inner Critic requires us to receive the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ by Faith. Without Faith it is impossible to disconnect from the negative dialogue.

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