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April 7, 2023

We are now experiencing a vocal group of False Prophets on YouTube, led by extreme Hyper Calvinist pretenders, who are proclaiming that God has abandoned the USA.

Firstly, if someone really believed that God had abandoned the USA, then why stay living in the most Blessed Nation on earth that has now been ABANDONED?

Is it time for the Hyper Abandonment Calvinists to move to nations that God has not abandoned, like Mexico or Brazil or India or Pakistan or Egypt or Iran, or Russia , or Uganda , or Zimbabwe, or Turkey?

But will any of the Proclaimers of Abandonment Hysteria move to any of these nations?

Absolutely NOT!!

Their Lifestyle is too comfortable in the USA which they aggressively proclaim has been abandoned by God, but strangely enough still treats them with civility and allows their freedom of speech to announce such insanity.

Martin Luther and John Calvin of the Reformation would be absolutely ashamed of the deceptive nonsense that Abandonment Proclaimers are Preaching, under the banner of so called Reformed Theology.

If these deluded Hyper Calvinists were about to be burned at the stake, as were many of the Early Church Fathers, they may have reason to complain and announce that God has abandoned America.

However, we see that the Abandonment Theologians and others are totally free and unrestricted to proclaim the doom of the USA , because apparently God has rejected the country that donates more money to Missions than any other nation on earth, yet the Abandonment Preachers can release endless YouTube videos telling the USA that they have been rejected and many are gullible enough to believe them.

What is the real reason the Pompous Abandonment Preachers and others are telling us that we have been abandoned by God?

It should be noted that the hypocritical proclaimers of Abandonment Ideology are also American, so therefore God has abandoned the Hyper Calvinists and all of their USA congregations, and other similar congregations that believe a ridiculous distorted theology as well.

The real reason the YouTube Hyper Calvinist are pushing the Abandonment Dogma is to create an excuse for Believers to not be involved in trying to Save America, and to represent themselves as Self Righteous “I told you so” do nothing Commentators on the current serious challenges facing American society.

Their rational is that there is no point trying to Save America, to help the Homeless and Veterans and Single Mothers, and donate to the Salvation Army, because we have all been ABANDONED BY GOD.

What the Abandonment Doctrine is really saying is that all of you dirty Sinners have been abandoned by God, but us chosen ones will be exempt and we will watch your downfall with glee, a typical example of Pharisaical Legalism.

NO ! God has NOT abandoned America.





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All International Rights Reserve

Craig Holme



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