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Faith Revives Broken Dreams

December 31, 2020

Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For.

If your Hope has been crushed by a reversal of fortune, or a setback in your relationships, or health challenges, or dealing with depression, then exercising your Faith will Revitalise your Dreams.

The way some Motivational Literature discusses Success, it would appear that we should not be experiencing any failures if we followed their formulas exactly. Therefore if we Fail it must be because we messed up the Formula Rules.

But the Truth of the Game of Life is that you can do everything exactly right, and something will eventually go wrong inevitably.

We should not condemn or Play the Blame Card on ourselves when we experience difficulties of any kind.

Instead we should look for the Seed of Opportunity in the midst of the problem.

The Problem has been presented to you so that you can gain a new insight out of it, which will propel you to greater accomplishments and awareness that arises from it that will cause you to Win the Game of Life.

It’s not easy when you are stuck in a muddy situation to become solution minded, especially when everyone around you is pointing the finger of accusation at you.

Recently we had some problems with a Customer complaining about a Service of ours, and about our Team delivering that Service. Initially I felt quite downcast about the situation because it shouldn’t have happened. But I decided to think positively about future outcomes that we could achieve that would solve these issues.

As I decided to stay in the realm of Faith, surprisingly the answer to another far more serious tactical issue for that entire business was revealed to me. I realised that if the Customer drama had not taken place, I would not have considered rethinking our ongoing Tactical deployment.

Your current Dramas can lead you into levels of Success that you previously thought were not possible for yourself, your relationships, or your employment or business.

But this is dependent on you staying in Faith, because Faith will bring the Substance of what you are Hoping for into your reality.

If I had decided to give way to discouragement the Answers that I was seeking for would never have been revealed to me.

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Craig Holme- 2021/2022/2023

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